JR Time: Marriage Advice

Hey, nerds. It’s your old buddy JR. Listen, Ryan’s gettin’ hitched, so he’s stepping away from the interwebs for a bit.  I figured that he could use some pointers on marriage, because why not?  I suppose they might work for the rest of youse, too, but that might require you to get out and see […]

Puck Dumps 10/29/14

What everyone is talking about NHL Legend Gordie Howe suffered a major stroke yesterday. He is having some speech issues, as well as some partial paralysis that is so often the case after these incidents, but for the time being, he is resting comfortably. SportsNet, CBC Scoreboard Pittsburgh 8, New Jersey 3 - Remember when everyone […]

This is the All Star break

I’ll be around for the daily Dump tomorrow, but unfortunately (or fortunately, if you are just here to hate read) I’ll be taking a nearly two week hiatus from tomorrow afternoon until sometime in early November. Not that you particularly care, but I’m getting married on Saturday, and I am taking my honeymoon immediately thereafter, […]

Puck Dumps 10/28/14

What everyone is talking about Nobody is staying on topic today, but a few outlets are dancing around the same subject. Last night, the Rangers stormed back on the Wild, which is exciting for New York, but the Wild face the Bruins tonight, so everyone needs to move on. All three of those teams are the […]

Puck Dumps 10/27/14

  What everyone is talking about I guess there is a lot to talk about from last night. There is a duo discussing the Blackhawks win over the Senators, in the debut of Scott Darling, the NHL’s first player from the SPHL. ESPN, Yahoo. Of course, there was a big game on the west coast […]

Bruins fan is disconsolate over Zdeno Chara

This little 5 year old girl is clearly an enormous Zdeno Chara fan. At age 5, 6 weeks is an eternity. She might never see Big Z on the ice again! How will she get through this winter? Fortunately, there is a strong support group of delirious child Bruins fans out in the world. This […]

Puck Dumps 10/26/14

What everyone is talking about It’s hard to express how badly the shooting incident in Ottawa rattled the entire nation of Canada. In a joint ceremony connecting Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto, respects were paid to the two fallen soldiers. ESPN NBC, Sporting News  Scoreboard Buffalo 2, San Jose 1 - This was the Sharks 4th loss in […]

Puck dumps 10/25/14

What everyone is talking about The main topic of conversation seems to remain Zdeno Chara and the Boston Bruins. In fact, NBC and the Sporting News still have the same articles featured as yesterday. Sportsnet, however, highlights the Bruins game with the Maple Leafs, which will be Boston’s first game without their gargantuan D-man. NBC. TSN, […]


Fun facts about the Nashville Predators

Ladies and gentlemen, the Nashville Predators are yet to lose in regulation, and that leaves them with a grasp on on first place in the Central and a tie for the most points thus far in the NHL with Anaheim and Montreal. We all know about the Ducks and Canadiens, so we’re getting to the point […]

Puck Dumps 10/24/14

What everyone is talking about The Bruins suffered a potentially devastating injury yesterday. Well, Zdeno Chara suffered the injury, but his absence likely completely realigns Boston’s strategy for the season, depending on how long he is out. Of course, with a serious knee injury, like the one Chara has reportedly suffered, and at his age, they […]

Puck Dumps 10/23/14

What everyone is talking about The day began in tragedy yesterday, with the shootings in Ottawa that rattled a nation and left a soldier dead and a security guard injured. The Senators and Maple Leafs opted not to play their game last night, out of deference to security and solemnity, while the Penguins honored Canada […]

Puck Dumps 10/22/14

  What everyone is talking about The Bruins upended the Sharks thanks to a third period rally. We have returned to a state of NHL equilibrium. The Bruins are scrappy and do what it takes to win. The Sharks, after a hot start, can only lead to searing disappointment. ESPN, Sports Illustrated, NHL.com Scoreboard Boston […]

Puck Dumps 10/21/14

  What everyone is talking about There was only one game last night: Edmonton gained their first win of the season with a victory over the Tampa Bay Lightning. While it is newsworthy that Edmonton actually won, this is probably the only time they will occupy this spot unless Craig MacTavish gets canned. Anyways, here […]

Puck Dumps 10/20/14

What everyone is talking about The Ducks. Anaheim has started hot, and it’s thanks to some heretofore unheralded players, like Frederik Andersen and Sami Vatanen. The Ducks seem to have an unending supply of talent working its way through the ranks, particularly in front of the net. One has to believe that Anaheim either knows […]

Puck Dumps 10/19/14

What everyone is talking about Philadelphia’s long, city-wide nightmare is over. They got their first victory of the season last night as Claude Giroux scored in overtime to win over the preseason darlings from Dallas. For their part, Dallas had seemed to be turning on the charms recently. NBC, NHL.com Scoreboard Boston 4, Buffalo 0 - I haven’t looked […]