Puck Dumps 10/23/14

What everyone is talking about The day began in tragedy yesterday, with the shootings in Ottawa that rattled a nation and left a soldier dead and a security guard injured. The Senators and Maple Leafs opted not to play their game last night, out of deference to security and solemnity, while the Penguins honored Canada […]

Puck Dumps 10/22/14

  What everyone is talking about The Bruins upended the Sharks thanks to a third period rally. We have returned to a state of NHL equilibrium. The Bruins are scrappy and do what it takes to win. The Sharks, after a hot start, can only lead to searing disappointment. ESPN, Sports Illustrated, NHL.com Scoreboard Boston […]

Puck Dumps 10/21/14

  What everyone is talking about There was only one game last night: Edmonton gained their first win of the season with a victory over the Tampa Bay Lightning. While it is newsworthy that Edmonton actually won, this is probably the only time they will occupy this spot unless Craig MacTavish gets canned. Anyways, here […]

Puck Dumps 10/20/14

What everyone is talking about The Ducks. Anaheim has started hot, and it’s thanks to some heretofore unheralded players, like Frederik Andersen and Sami Vatanen. The Ducks seem to have an unending supply of talent working its way through the ranks, particularly in front of the net. One has to believe that Anaheim either knows […]

Puck Dumps 10/19/14

What everyone is talking about Philadelphia’s long, city-wide nightmare is over. They got their first victory of the season last night as Claude Giroux scored in overtime to win over the preseason darlings from Dallas. For their part, Dallas had seemed to be turning on the charms recently. NBC, NHL.com Scoreboard Boston 4, Buffalo 0 - I haven’t looked […]

Puck Dumps 10/18/14

What everyone is talking about Johan Franzen was the motor behind the Red Wings engineering a 4-1 win over the Maple Leafs, as he had two goals, but Henrik Zetterberg was even better, dishing out an assist on each and every one of his team’s goals. One day, we’re going to find the Red Wings’ […]

Puck Dumps 10/17/14

  What everyone is talking about The Canadiens nipped the Bruins last night. This is a good encapsulation of the season so far, really. The Bruins have been underwhelming, while the Canadiens are off to a strong start. There are still more than 70 games left this season, so I would be willing to postulate […]

Puck Dumps 10/16/14

What everyone is talking about The Bruins were off to a very rough start this season, dropping their last three games, but despite some red hot netminding and the need for a shootout, Boston was able to top the Red Wings for their first tick in the left hand column since opening night. ESPN, NBC, […]

Puck Dumps 10/15/14

What everyone is talking about Again, really just hockey. Nobody seems tied to a particular storyline this morning. There weren’t any big games (Carolina – Buffalo was on NBCSN last night, for Christ’s sake) and no major controversy yet this season. Pretty copacetic all the way around. We can all just enjoy the games in our […]

Puck Dumps 10/14/14

What everyone is talking about Has it changed since last night’s posting? Well, no. But actually sort of a little. It got a bit more specific. Instead of focusing on how badly the Canadiens were beat by the Lightning last night, the headlines have changed to focus more exclusively on Steven Stamkos and his hat trick. […]

Puck Dumps 10/13/14

What everyone is talking about Yeah, so it took less than a week, and I’m already way behind with the daily dump. Shouldn’t happen again. Anyways, people are talking about the Canadiens. More accurately, their undefeated start to the season came to a screeching halt against Tampa Bay tonight, thanks to a revitalized, healthy Steven Stamkos, and […]

Puck Dumps 10/12/14

What everyone is talking about Breaking News: Sidney Crosby is good. He had 3 points last night agianst Tornto, and now has 6 already on the season. Every team was in action last night, and his performance stood out greater than all. Sportsnet, CBC Scoreboard Pittsburgh 5, Toronto 2 - Malkin also got 3 points, but he […]


D2, or how Emilio Estevez ruined hockey in Iceland

  Back in 1994, in the glow of success of the Mighty Ducks, Disney released a follow up: D2. The kids were back, getting ready to skate in the Junior Goodwill Games, trying to do their country proud. Naturally, there had to be villains that they had to overcome. They had left the Hawks in […]

Puck Dumps 10/11/14

  What everyone is talking about Hockey. That’s pretty much the long and the short of it. Everyone as a different angle this morning, from the games being played tonight, to some more season outlooks and some NHL organization shake ups, but no two outlooks are the same. We need some story lines! Scoreboard New […]

Puck Dumps 10/10/14

What everyone is talking about It’s way to early to be saying anything like this, but the Ducks-Penguins game could be a Cup preview. Of course, the Rangers-Blues could have been too. We won’t know until May. That said, the Pens and Ducks played a thriller that featured a lot of scoring. I think you […]