There was one game yesterday. Here is a note about that one game.

The only game yesterday was the one between the Florida Panthers and Detroit Red Wings. It sounds like a contest that should be lopsided through history in the favor of the Wings, but recent history smiles favorably upon the guys from Sunshine. Brian Campbell scored an overtime game winner for the Panthers that secured Florida’s fifth consecutive […]

Your only hockey right now involves Jagr in Detroit

Neither Jaromir Jagr nor the Detroit Red Wings carry with them the same luster of days gone by, but they each have their own cabal of fans, and likely will continue to through the end of time. The Red Wings might wear out before Jagr, though. If you want to watch these two venerable pillars […]

Montreal’s hot start will continue without Price

For the second time in this short season, Carey Price needs to sit out a few games. This time, Price will miss a month with a knee injury suffered on Wednesday. As you may imagine, since this report actually references a particular body part, it’s not a team report, but rather one from anonymous sources, and […]

Tweet of the Moment

You may look at this picture and think there are two living things in it, but I can assure you that the count is somewhere in the thousands.

Happy American Thanksgiving

There are no games today, so you have no good hockey related excuse to avoid your family. We hope that you have a happy holiday in the States, and in Canada, a very good Thursday. There were several games, a full schedule, really, last night, so let’s check those scores and then enjoy our day. […]

A new chapter for the NHL

Do you like outdoor hockey? How about the new version of the hockey World Cup? You have John Collins to thank for that and some of the other more recent innovations in the National Hockey League. There are a lot of negative things that you could say about the league, and particularly its governance, but […]

Tweet of the Moment 11/24/15

One thing I know about Ducks is that they absolutely hate ice. I mean, how are they going to dip their little heads into their lake to get food? Ducks are warm weather birds. Anyways, Anaheim is back at home, which is probably bad news for them.

So about that Maple Leafs resurgence

Toronto was doing so well for the last few weeks, and then they had to play Boston. Ugh, the Bruins. First, the Bruins won in Boston by shutting out Toronto, and now, they won the back end of their home and home, with a shootout victory against the Maple Leafs. Things were looking up! They were […]

Tweet of the Moment 11/23/15

Honestly, the intent of Mo’vember is to draw attention to the cause of men’s health by looking creepy as hell in a mustache. So kudos, I guess. You look creepy. If you don’t ever give me this smirk while donning the lip sweater again, I promise to have my prostate checked once in a while.

Het your chuckles in now

Well, Carey Price is back. There is nothing we can do now. Everyone can just stop following their team, because the Montreal Canadiens are going to run over your team of choice. No more losses to Colorado or Arizona or whoever else they recently dropped games to, which led to a great deal of consternation […]


Catching up with the Sedins after their big night

[The Canucks are in a celebratory mood after a dominating win over the Blackhawks] Alex Burrows: That was incredible guys! I mean, 9 points between the two of you? That’s crazy!. But you can change out of your uniform now. Henrik: We have changed, Alex. You’ll note we are wearing our jerseys from several years […]