Gary Bettman at his creepiest in preseason presser

This was the imagery that NBC was able to capture of Gary Bettman during a press conference regarding the potential expansion into Quebec or Las Vegas. This is a look that has many layers. Look at those soulless eyes. That’s what I’m drawn to. This isn’t a real smile. He knows there is bad news for […]

It’s important to read into preseason games

ITEM: The Minnesota Wild wiped the floor with the Winnipeg Jets in a preseason tune up game, winning 8-1. Let’s check out some comments*       These comments were from the Winnipeg Free Press. Naturally, it’s never too early to question the GM, nor blame the goalie.This wasn’t exactly a game full of A-listers, so I’m […]

Oh my God yes

It was 3 months and 5 days, but there is now hockey again. It’s just scrimmages, and they weren’t even taking notes in Boston, but there is hockey, dammit. We’re almost there.

They have different sticks in Columbus, or something

Boris Saad was dealt away from Chicago as part of the Blackhawks’ offseason diaspora. He was photographed today in his first time in his Blue Jackets uniform. As you can see, he is concerned and baffled by his stick. Either this means that the equipment in Columbus is substantially different than that used in Chicago, or […]

Michael Neuwirth is a little on the nose

“You’re gonna eat lightning and you’re gonna crap thunder” Check out Michal Neuvirth’s new Rocky-centric mask for 2015-16. A photo posted by Philadelphia Flyers (@philadelphiaflyers) on Aug 31, 2015 at 11:13am PDT Yes, Michael Neuwirth, the Flyers season will be rocky. Zing. Naturally, with Neuwirth projected as a backup, his team is heaping enormous amounts […]

The Oilers don’t have any prospects

The Edmonton Journal is going through their top 25 Edmonton prospects, and today, they made it to #9. If I didn’t know any better, I would guess that they don’t like him, and that he might not actually be any good. It starts with the headline. If slow and steady wins the race, Edmonton Oilers prospect […]

Calgary aspires to build Baymax

Calgary is attempting to build a multiuse facility to house, as it’s principle tenants, the Calgary Flames and Calgary Stampeders. As is always the case,  there will be gnashing of teeth and much back and forth over the funding of this facility, and where that funding will be sourced, and for how much. It will cost […]

NHL.Com pun writers are on vacation

Every day during the season, I would check to see bow a terrible pun was shoehorned into the day’s headline. I almost admired whoever t was that was in charge of contorting player names enough to sound like they could be another real word. In that spirit, I’m glad the guy who does it is […]

A guide to talking about Patrick Kane

Don’t. Really, don’t. Unless it’s to say “Boy, I hope investigators get to the bottom of this.” Sexual assault and rape are similarly among the most traumatic and underreported crimes in the long list of horrible things humanity does to itself. Not only is there the trauma of the initial attack, but beyond the physical evidence, […]

Oh no, is this really happening?

  After seeing the success of the Coyotes, the NHL seems to be on board with expanding hockey in the desert. Never mind the fact that Vegas has a transient population with no tie to pro sports in general or the NHL specifically. No matter that they were one of the hardest hit towns by […]