Ron MacLean is so high right now

I mean, I get it. The Oilers have been drafting at the top of the draft continuously for years now.  They should definitely have a boatload of talent at this point, and they undoubtedly do, but there is a reason that they keep making picks at the top of the draft. It’s because they can’t […]

Quebec wants a team back

Quebec has been without a team since the Nordiques moved to Denver to become the Avalanche. I mean, they don’t even have a team in the CFL. There is nothing going on in Quebec. That’s part of the reason, I imagine, that Quebecor made a bid for an expansion team. There is already an arena, waiting […]

Scott Darling is the most hipster

Scott Darling looks like this on purpose. Just like, every day, this is what he looks like. Tank top, that hair cut, beard, and ink up and down his arm. I bet he listens to alt+J and eats vegan flatbread pizzas. Scott Darling has signed a contract with the Quebec Nordiques for 2015-16.

Only in Toronto

Today was the first day of free agency, which generally is an awesome, fun filled day, but the crazy factor was kicked up a notch by the fact that Toronto traded away their best player. For the third year in a row, and despite a down year, Phil Kessel led the Maple Leafs in scoring. […]

CHICAGO, IL - JUNE 15:  Jonathan Toews #19 and Patrick Kane #88 of the Chicago Blackhawks celebrate by hoisting the Stanley Cup after defeating the Tampa Bay Lightning by a score of 2-0 in Game Six to win the 2015 NHL Stanley Cup Final at the United Center on June 15, 2015 in Chicago, Illinois.  (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

Cup Dumps 6/16/15

What everyone is talking about Obviously, the big news last night was that the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup. It’s their 3rd this decade, which qualifies as a dynasty in this era ofthe NHL and salary cap. The Hawks are as good as Hockey gets in this day and age. Enjoy it, Chicago. It’s going […]

Cup Dumps 6/14/15

What everyone is talking about Using many different words that mean the same thing, several outlets have stated that the Blackhawks are on the verge (edge, cusp, Ver-ge in one terrible pun) of the Cup. That is to say, they are one win way of winning a cup, and earning a place in history as […]

Cup Dumps 6/11/15

What everyone is talking about People are wondering what it is, exactly, that the Blackhawks need to do to keep up their pace and win the Cup. Do they still have enough tread on their tires after several seasons’ worth of deep runs, a fairly grueling series with the Ducks and a roster that is […]

Cup Dumps 6/9/15

  What everyone is talking about We’re three games into the Stanley Cup final, and the biggest question has been regarding the health of Ben Bishop. Of course, whatever the answer is, the important thing to note is that the Lightning still lead the series 2-1. Sporting News, CBC, Scoreboard Tampa Bay 3, Chicago […]

Cup Dumps 6/7/15

What everyone is talking about The series isn’t over! In fact, we know it’s not even half over now that Tampa evened the series in Game 2, thanks to a flurry of early goals, some goaltending hijinks and domination from their top line. You know, given the way the playoffs have gone for both of these teams […]

Cup Dumps 6/4/15

What everyone is talking about Obviously, down to one series left in the season, everyone is going to be talking about the series (except for TSN!), so we’re going to be looking at individual story lines, or in this case, the same phrase in the headlines. Safe is death: NBC, Yahoo Scoreboard Chicago 2, Tampa […]

Blackhawks vs. Lightning, the Tale of the Tape

The Stanley Cup Final starts in two days. TWO DAYS! Tampa Bay and Chicago have taken different paths to be the last two teams playing NHL hockey this season, with the Blackhawks playing a nip and tuck series with the Ducks after massacring their previous opponents. Their games were taut, but they had a tendency […]