Jordan Eberle got screwed

The Oilers are a whole new team with Connor McDavid on the ice. He scored 2 goals and had 3 assists, which meant he had a hand in every tally the Oilers had against the Maple Leafs. This totally sucks for Jordan Eberle, because he had his first ever career hat trick, and now all […]

Tweet of the Moment 2/11/16

It seems like whenever we encounter the Bruins in a tweet of the moment, it’s always bad news. Not this time! They are in the lead! Patrice Bergeron is in a good mood!

Henrik Lundqvist is ageless

Yesterday we discussed the long career of Martin Brodeur and all he did for the New Jersey Devils. Henrik Lundqvist is past the age that goalies typically start to decline, but he still keeps churning out good games (like last night when he shut out the Penguins), which turn into good seasons. He hasn’t been able […]

Mike Ilitch sticks to his roots

Though the Red Wings’ under construction arena doesn’t yet have a new name, it DOES have a new trademarked nickname! Apparently, they are going to call it “The Baddest Bowl in Hockey” which is a pretty terrible name, unless it’s 1994 and nobody told me. It’s not a good luck if you invent a nickname […]

Tweet of the Moment 2/10/16

Obviously, this is an extra boring tweet. In that regard, it is unfathomable to me that there are 24 retweets. This must have something to do with the new algorithm.

Marty Brodeur was pretty good.

That has to be so confusing. All of the Devils lined up as #30 to honor perhaps the most well known player in their team’s history last night. Martin Brodeur saw his number hung from the rafters, a permanent position of reverence, honoring his gaudy career statistics, as well as his Editpa Edit date and […]

Tweet of the Moment 2/9/16

Yes, that exclamation mark was necessary. Going on the penalty kill is what qualifies for excitement in Minnesota these days.

I guess the Jets aren’t big time sellers

The Winnipeg Jets are not very good this year, but they have a few players that are extremely talented. Usually, in these situations, a team tries to figure out how to rebuild. One favorite way is to build a cache of young players and prospects to develop so all that fresh youth is peaking at […]

Nto a great day for North Carolina

Yes, the Panthers and Hurricanes play in different cities, Charlotte and Raleigh if you didn’t know. I’m sure there is a sweet spot around Asheboro that has a lot of fans of both teams. As I’m sure everyone knows by now, the Panthers lost the Super Bowl in Santa Clara. The Hurricanes also lost, and they […]

Tweet of the Moment

This is very good, especially for Denver but…um, does anyone know where Patrick Roy is right now?

The Caps and Flyers get done early

I don’t know if you follow other sports at all, but there is a pretty significant game in another sport going on this evening. In order to ensure that at least one or two fans went to their games, a lot of teams played this afternoon. Among those teams were Washington and Philadelphia, who were […]

Barclays GM doesn’t understand hockey, Islanders, Twitter

There are calls for Barclays Center GM Brett Yormark to relinquish control of Islanders game day activities.  I’ll leave it to CBS New York to rehash all of the indiscretions, but to summarize: They screwed up by not taking the old goal horn originally, suggested that fans could watch the game on their phones if […]