Predators are the best team in the history of the NHL in Game 7’s

Last night in Anaheim, the Nashville Predators played in their very first Game 7 in Anaheim, and jumped out to a 2-0 lead. The Ducks, as they often  do, were able to claw back into it with a Ryan Kesler goal in the third period. Rattled, Nashville buckled down, unwilling to give in. Pekka Rinne faced […]

Tweet of the Moment 4/27/16

The Ducks pulling out all the stops, letting a damn monkey in the building. Monkeys are bastions of disease. The Ducks are using biological warfare.

Inside Rihanna’s tour bus…

Tour Manager: Bad news, Ri Rihanna: Please, call me Robyn. TM: Oh, well, in that case, you can call me — Rihanna: I don’t have time to learn your name. TM: Um…. Well like I said, I have bad news Rihanna: Did someone else die? Please tell me it wasn’t Oates. What would Hall do? […]

Luck shifts in favor of the Blues

It used to be that the name “The Blues” was so fitting for St. Louis’s hockey team, because misfortune seemed to follow them around. It didn’t matter how good the team was, they were busting out of the playoffs soon after they started. This year, as with many years in recent history, they faced a […]


The Sharks won and have moved on, defeating the Los Angles Kings to get there. The New York Islanders won a playoff series. The damn St. Louis Blues just beat Chicago to win a playoff series! Donald Trump is on the verge of winning a presidential nomination! Hold those you love tight. We are in […]

Islanders win a playoff series for the first time in 23 years

That’s not even a joke. Nothing clever about it. The Islanders hadn’t won a playoff series since they beat the Penguins in 1993, finishing off their long 80s dynasty. They were either (usually) out of the playoffs, or unable to overcome their opponents in the first round for longer than Ryan Strome, Adam Pelech, or Ryan […]

Tweet of the Moment 4/25/16

I don’t even have any jokes for this. That WAS a heck of a series. 4 overtimes in the last two games, and somehow the Islanders are one of the final 8 teams standing.

As is in the BMR charter….

When and if the New York Islanders win a playoff series with a goal in double overtime, the video of the goal merits its own post. BONUS. Jonathan Tavares scored both goals, the ones that tied and won the game that decided the series. I have fulfilled my duties as maintainer of Barry Melrose Rocks […]

Every game was an elimination game tonight

Well, that was exciting. Every team that won on Sunday also advanced to the 2nd round. What about those that won on Saturday?In order to have games on Monday, we need winners on Saturday. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHAT HAPPENED ON SATURDAY Scoreboard Pittsburgh 6, New York Rangers 3 – Hey, y’all be sure […]

Do you believe in fate?

St. Louis can’t seem to get out of their own way in the playoffs. They are impossibly unfortunate in the post season, but this seemed like the year that they were going to make it to the second round. Alas, they were playing the Blackhawks. Not only has it seemed like the Blues are snakebit […]

Tweet of the Moment 4/22/16

The Sharks really seem enthusiastic about this penalty kill don’t they? It shouldn’t surprise you. Sharks are killing machines. If they weren’t underwater, they would be salivating for the kill.