At a Denver Buffalo Wild Wings

Rick: ‘Sup bros, so glad you can make it out. I’m going to destroy these wings. What’s everyone getting? Lonnie: Uh, Coors Light? And probably some hot wings, since I’ll have water to wash it down. Earl: I’m feeling sophisticated tonight, and I love foreign food, so I’m getting Asian Zing with a Heineken. Rick: […]

TORONTO, ON - OCTOBER 13:  Joey MacDonald #29 of the Toronto Maple Leafs shows his dejection in a game against the Colorado Avalanche on October 13, 2009 at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario. The Avalanche defeated the Leafs 4-1. (Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images)

Puck Dumps 1/22/15

What everyone is talking about It’s the All Star Break, mercifully giving me a few days off from dumping. Also, it’s important that we take this opportunity to shame the Maple Leafs. Come on everybody, look down on Toronto. Sports Illustrated, SportsNet, CBC Scoreboard San Jose 4 Los Angeles 2, The Sharks need to remember this […]

Puck Dumps 1/21/16

What everyone is talking about The Flyers and Penguins clashed last night. When you get those twwo teams together………….. YAAAAAARGH PUNCHING ARRRGGGGHHHHH NBC, SportsNet, CBC, Scoreboard New York Rangers 3, Ottawa 2 (OT) – It just feels like the Rangers should be bad, but they aren’t. I don’t know why, but this seems stranger than the Islanders […]

Puck Dumps 1/20/15

What everyone is talking about The Maple Leafs are falling apart, and need help. I mean, at this point, they are losing to the Hurricanes and wondering who they can poach from them. ESPN, SportsNet, TSN Scoreboard New York Islanders 7, Philadelphia 4 – The Islanders are beyond me making jokes now. Carolina 4, Toronto 1 […]

Puck Dumps 1/19/15

What everyone is talking about Marc Staal signed an extension with the Rangers last week. Was that a good idea or have the Rangers made a terrible mistake? Judging by how New York sports have run lately, I’m going with “terrible mistake.” Yahoo, Sporting News In on ice action, the new Jets knocked off the […]

Puck Dumps 1/18/15

What everyone is talking about The Columbus Blue Jackets had what it took to end the Bruins winning streak. Columbus: Where good things end. ESPN, NBC On the west coast, the Kings hung Rob Blake’s number in the rafters. Unfortunately, the Ducks had no mind for sentiment, and ended up winning. Fox, Then, of […]

Puck Dumps 1/17/15

What everyone is talking about Nothing! The only consensus last night was that there is no consensus. Weekends are full of people tackling their own pet projects and publishing long reads but that wasn’t even the case today. It’s just a bunch of half headlines and garbage. Scoreboard New York Islanders 6, Pittsburgh 3 – […]

Lindy’s not going to make it

[Inside the Dallas Stars Locker Room] Lindy Ruff: Tyler, I’ve got some good news for you! You’ve been named to the All-Star team! Tyler Seguin: Tell me something I don’t know. Ruff: I’m sorry? This is good! You get to join the All Stars! Jamie Benn: Yo, wait, hold up. What team am I on […]

Puck Dumps 1/16/15

What everyone is talking about Shutouts abound last night in the NHL. The greatest impact was a game between two top teams in two top media markets last night, as the Bruins shut down the New York Rangers. Tuukka Rask stopped 30 shots, while Cam Talbot stopped 29 (but let in 3) ESPN, NBC, Sports […]

Puck Dumps 1/15/15

What everyone is talking about There weren’t many big stories from last night, so we are instead looking ahead to tonight, when a pair of Canadian teams square off. The Canadiens and the Senators each have something to gain with a win tonight. Nice to see eastern Canada relevant again. CBC, TSN Scoreboard Montreal 3, […]

Puck Dumps 1/14/15

What everyone is talking about I might nnot be doing this long. See, the Minnesota Wild are plummeting to earth, and living in St Paul, I am definitely in the impact zone. ESPN, Sports Illustrated. In rivalry news, the Islanders and Rangers played last night. It’s the strange situation in which both New York teams […]

The Parade in Raleigh starts at the Capital

OK, so maybe that title is a little to glib. Pro Hockey Talk has a little bit more reason for optimism: In the past 10 days, the Carolina Hurricanes have: 1. Beaten the Boston Bruins in a shootout, and fully deserved the two points. 2. Gone into Nashville, played the Predators close, and lost by […]

Puck Dumps 1/13/15

What everyone is talking about The Flyers completely ran over the Lightning last night. It was 7-2 after two periods, but at least Tampa won the third, and the final was a much more respectable 7-3. Sports Illustrated, Elsewhere, the Kings have continued the trend and snuffed out the Maple Leafs. Yahoo, CBC Scoreboard […]

Puck Dumps 1/12/15

What everyone is talking about The Anaheim Ducks and Winnipeg Jets had an opportunity to reflect on Teemu Selanne’s career and honor him by hanging his number in the rafters of the Honda Center, and holding a pregame ceremony.  One thing that we learned? Teemu is an ugly crier. Fox, Yahoo, Sports Illustrated, CBC, Scoreboard […]