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Puck Dumps 12/18/14

What everyone is talking about It hurts me to say it, but the Wild went on national TV and lost about 2 seconds into overtime. The teams were both expected to be better this year than they were last year, and neither have been blowing the pants off anyone. As has been the case all season, […]

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Puck Dumps 12/17/14

What everyone is talking about The Oilers are complete garbage, and since the GM couldn’t possibly be blamed for it, they are going to let Craig MacTavish try to fix it. Right now, the solution appears to be to try and trade Taylor Hall. Yeah, that’ll solve everything. Also, for some reason, Hall doesn’t want to […]

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Puck Dumps 12/16/14

What everyone is talking about “Why are these dumps so late at night?” It’s because I have an active social life. Sorry. All scores below will be from Monday night. As for actual news outlets, the conversation is about the Maple Leafs, who are actually good, I guess! They have won 6 in a row […]

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Puck Dumps 12/15/14

What everyone is talking about Edmonton took their sweet time, but they finally fired Dallas Eakins. At least it wasn’t a knee jerk reaction. Yahoo, SportsNet, CBC, TSN, NHL.com Scoreboard Toronto 4, Los Angeles 3 (SO) – Toronto had a shootout shut out ahahahaha. Ugh. ASAS Chicago 2, Calgary 1 – The Flames are well on their […]

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Puck Dumps 12/14/14

What everyone is talking about If you joined us last night, you no doubt saw that the Islanders beat the Blackhawks. It may not surprise you to find that less than 12 hours later, that’s what many people still have on their mind. ESPN, Sports Illustrated, NHL.com. That being said, there was another game that […]

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Puck Dumps 12/13/15

What everyone is talking about I should have mentioned that I was visiting the in-laws today, and this would be super late. Oopsie daisies. Let’s get to the latest in the hockey world. Scoreboard scores will be yesterdays scores. The big news of the night is that Chicago, who had been playing so well, lost Jonathan Toews and […]

Puck Dumps 12/12/14

What everyone is talking about Zdeno Chara surprised me by returning to the ice last night. I had speculated that there was a chance he might have a tough time ever making it back, but bam, there he is. Of course, there is a finite number of superstars that can be playing in the NHL at any given […]

Puck Dumps 12/11/14

What everyone is talking about James Reimer almost single handedly shut down the Red Wings last night. And by almost, I mean he needed the help of his offense, because they scored after he allowed a goal, and the defense, which prevented the Red Wings from being relentless with their breakaways and rebounds and whatnot. Also, […]

Ryan Miller likes to watch

  This immature post is made possible by NHL.com. If you want to look at some incredible images from the Bell Centre’s Jean Beliveau ceremony, as well as Alex Galcheyuk being completely inappropriate, you will follow this link

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Puck Dumps 12/10/14

What everyone is talking about Jean Beliveau’s memorial services are going on right now. Sporting News, SportsNet, CBC, TSN, NHL.com Scoreboard Chicago 3, New Jersey 2 (SO) – Scott Darling is pretty good when his team outshoots his opponents by 15. ASAS Columbus 3, Philadelphia 2 (OT) – It’s pretty cool when NHL teams play their minor league affiliates. […]

Puck Dumps 12/9/14

What everyone is talking about People continue to remember NHL Legend Jean Beliveau, who had memorial services yesterday, and the Canadiens intend to have their own ceremony tonight. Fox, CBC In other news, the Ottawa Senators, who are having a middling season, and are trying to compete without Jason Spezza for the first time in […]

Puck Dumps 12/8/14

What everyone is talking about Evander Kane is going to have to talk to the department of player safety for a hit from behind on Clayton Stoner of the Anaheim Ducks. We’re coming out of a busy hockey weekend, and more people are talking about the Winnipeg Jets than any other team. Weird. CBC, TSN. Scoreboard […]

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Puck Dumps 12/7/14

What everyone is talking about There were two games of the variety that can stir a lot of emotion for the hockey fan community: There was a game between two teams struggling and striving for the top spot in their division. In this case, the Blackhawks unseated the surprising Predators. (ESPN, Sports Illustrated) And then […]


Oilers management is upset, Oilers still losing.

The same question from nearly 4 years ago still rings true. Will the Oilers ever win again? They are at 11 games in their current losing streak, so the question is increasingly valid. I like to tease the Oilers and the city of Edmonton because it gets under their skin, but I’m legitimately baffled by […]

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Puck Dumps 12/6/14

What everyone is talking about Late dumps are fun dumps. You get a healthy dose of real time stories that a lot of outlets take the time to cover. For example, this evening, we have NBC and Yahoo lauding Marty Brodeur for winning his first game as a Blue (still weird), but in Canada, they […]