Puck Dumps 11/26/14

What everyone is talking about Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, so it appears most of the hockey writing world is taking the day off. Strange, since tomorrow is just Thurrsday in Canada. There are a couple of stories about the Predators floating around right now, after they knocked off the Kings last night. Yahoo, NHL.com And a couple about […]

Puck dumps 11/25/14

What everyone is talking about Former NHL coaching great Pat Quinn passed away last weekend, and admiration for the man is spilling out. Yahoo, SportsNet.  Scoreboard New York Islanders 1, Philadelphia 0 (SO) – Let’s tap the brakes on the Islanders being the team of the decade for a minute, huh? Not able to score […]

Puck Dumps 11/24/14

  What everyone is talking about The evening was fairly quiet last night, with only a handful of games, but even then, everyone was pretty disparate in their coverage. Thank goodness Jannik Hansen had a hat trick for the Canucks to give a couple outlets common ground. There were three games between Canadian and American teams last […]

Puck Dumps 11/23/14

What everyone is talking about The Maple Leafs, one way or another. They are falling apart! Don Cherry snubbed them! They are coming back! I don’t know what to think! Actually, I do. They can’t fall apart, because they were pretty broken to begin with. Sporting News, Sportsnet, TSN Scoreboard St Louis 3, Ottawa 2 […]

Hey, thanks Canada!

Just a little transnational patriotism to take you through the weekend. The mic cut out out in Toronto before the Maple Leafs took on the Nashville Predators, but fortunately, everyone in Ontario knows the American National Anthem. For the record, I know Canada’s too. It’s “O Canada” over and over again for about 2 minutes, I think.

Puck Dumps 11/22/14

  What everyone is talking about The Oilers were playing last night! They get a bit of coverage here on these pages! And… they got shut out. Nice work guys! And this was the Corey Schneider version of the Devils, not Marty Brodeur. He hasn’t been there in a long while. Nice work, guys!. Yahoo, CBC, […]

Puck Dumps 11/21/14

  What everyone is talking about The Dallas Stars have been underwhelming to this point in the season, and perhaps have seen that their future resources need to be expended on patching some of the holes that have led to this heretofore disappointing season. LOL J/K they are just going to extend Jason Spezza until […]

Puck Dumps 11/20/14

What everyone is talking about It seems a little personal to me, but a lot of people are talking about Jack Johnson of the Blue Jackets going bankrupt. It has something to do with his parents taking out loans against his contract and not the lavish lifestyle central Ohio provides. Anyways, a blogger making jokes […]

Puck Dumps 11/19/14

What everyone is talking about The Maple Leafs were crushed yesterday. Who are these Predators, who can score 9 goals in an evening? It probably doesn’t matter any more than that they are just another team playing the Maple Leafs. Sportsnet, CBC, TSN Scoreboard Boston 2, St. Louis 0 - Patrice Bergeron, in one of the […]


Hockey in Arizona is working

  The NHL’s number one goal for expanding into parts of the country that don’t seem to make much sense by a reasonable person’s estimation was to broaden the game’s footprint. There were already fans of hockey, say in Saskatoon, and they were already loyal to the Flames or Oilers or even now the Jets, […]

Puck Dumps 11/18/14

What everyone is talking about With a pretty quiet night last night in the hockey world, a couple outlets instead have chosen to focus on the Hockey Hall of Fame, which just wrapped up induction weekend. Who got in, and who will get there next year? Fox, Yahoo Scoreboard Tampa Bay 5, New York Rangers […]

Puck Dumps 11/17/14

What everyone is talking about Has anything changed since my late Dump last night? Why, yes, in fact. While a couple of outlets are still talking about the Canadiens’ big night (TSN with a corrected headline, NHL.com) There was another big night that captured the imagination. Sharks rookie Troy Grosenick started his career with a shutout […]

Puck Dumps 4/2/14

What everyone is talking about Well, ok, so maybe people talked about something else this morning (by the way, scores will be from Saturday in the scoreboard) but for right now, it’s the Montreal Canadiens, who are presently unstoppable. They went out and whupped the Red Wings in Hockeytown tonight. The Habs might be insufferable, if […]