Why, Anaheim?

If here is ever any doubt that the Anaheim Ducks are going make a long trek through the postseason, it was erased last night. Teams that struggle with confidence don’t introduce garish uniforms using their most off the wall and marginalized third color and trot them out for the first time on February 4th. No, these Ducks […]

All right, let’s try this one more time

Right now, I have a tweeter, but it’s pretty all over the map. All of Barry Melrose Rocks’ posts were going out via the rotting corpse of Dave McBrayer. Anyways, I just finally went ahead and set up a proper Barry Melrose Rocks Twitter handle.

Tweet of the Moment 2/4/16

I would certainly say that this is a great time to reevaluate their place in the world. Tied with Buffalo and a faceoff in your own zone is pretty bottom of the barrel. Get well soon, Bruins.

Down a Wideman

The Calgary Flames had to know that they would be missing out on Dennis Wideman for a while, just as soon as he cross checked a linesman before the all star break. Punishment was handed down yesterday, and it was rather harsh: 20 games. Knowing what we know now (that Wideman was concussed and likely […]

The NHL is back, and so is Connor McDavid

https://vine.co/v/iJeja10Z0qg   SCOREBOARD New Jersey 3, New York Rangers 2 – The Rangers leaned pretty hard on the Devils, but the Devils have a deal with… well, themselves, this season. Pittsburgh 6, Ottawa 5 – Sidney Crosby with a hat trick. That is a thing that still happens! New York Islanders 5, Minnesota 3 – There […]

Even the NHL can’t put out the light

The NHL tried their absolute damndest to ruin this weekend. They got John Scott, the Cinderella of this ball traded and sent to the AHL in an effort to keep him out of the game. Legend Jaromir Jagr begged not to be there. The NHL even took the nuclear option and gave Gary Bettman an extension.  All […]

This is pretty illegal.

https://vine.co/v/iilwrbO79ww SCOREBOARD Tampa Bay 1, Toronto 0 – Stamkos scored in the first period, then both teams went on the all star break. Philadelphia 4, Washington 3(OT) – The real problem is that we don’t have any Ovechkin for the All Star Game. Nashville 2, Calgary 1 – Oh sure, they were losing to the Predators. I get […]

TORONTO, ON - JANUARY 23:  Tomas Plekanec #14 of the Montreal Canadiens gets set for a faceoff against the Toronto Maple Leafs during an NHL game at the Air Canada Centre on January 23,2016 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The Canadiens defeated the Maple Leafs 3-2 in an overtime shoot-out. (Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images)

Montreal Canadiens: 1909-2016

This is it. The Montreal Canadiens cannot possibly get any lower. You thought that falling out of the playoffs after having the best start in team history was the lowest point, but it’s not. The lowest point is losing a home and home to the Blue Jackets, and losing the home end badly. This is […]