The end of the an era

I’ll make it short and sweet, but it would be terrible if I didn’t mention us. The founding father of this very website, Kevin Schultz, has decided to step away from the sports writing game. He started Barry Melrose Rocks as a hobby back in when he was in college. As is the case when anyone […]

Prepare for the insanity

NHL free agency begins at noon eastern time tomorrow. 96% of free agents will be signed by eastern time. This has been your alert. Please don’t oversleep free agency, otherwise you will be left with a Brookbank,

Dale Tallon is pissed

      All right, we got the chubby guy in a bow tie looking like a 19th century physician, the ruggedly good looking Aaron Ekblad as the number one overall pick, actor of ER fame Anthony Edwards and an adorable kid cheesing it up for the camera. Sure, there’s a lot going on on […]

Columbus acquires professional wrestler

  Scott Hartnell has been traded to the Columbus Blue Jackets in exchange for RJ Umberger and a 4th round draft pick. Columbus tends to be involved in the ill conceived contract issues of the east coast teams and then shuffles those issues off to other teams. Usually that other team is the Los Angeles […]

Stupid sexy Gaborik

Marian Gaborik was one of those players that won the Stanley Cup last week. Instead of taking it to Slovakia, he took it to the ocean, and promptly took off his shirt. He also wore tiny Euro shorts. Eyes are up here, ladies.


Dear Anze: Wtf is pink sauce?

Buzzfeed produced a video recently that highlighted the dining choices of your favorite athletes before they take the ice/field/floor . They did it all cute where they presented the dishes in question and you can watch it here.  Anze Kopitar, it turns out, likes pink sauce. He is an insatiable pink sauce connoisseur. Kopitar can’t get enough […]

Cup Dumps 6/12/14

Well, I guess we have to wait another day before you don’t have to look at Cup Dumps for the year. The Top Line The Rangers had a little bit of help from some goal line snow, but they stayed alive, delaying what may be described as inevitable. ESPN, NBC, Yahoo, Sports Illustrated, The Sporting […]

Cup Dump 6/10/14

The Kings clearly want the Cup Dumps to end. The Top Line The Kings are up 3-0. I personally think that it would be nice symmetry if the Rangers came back from 3-0 to beat LA. ESPN, Sports Illustrated. TSN, CBC, Fox,, The Local Take Scoreboard Los Angeles 3, New York Rangers 0 -Jonathan […]

Cup Dumps 6/8/14

If trends continue, we are looking for a 3OT game 3 The Top Line The Kings came back from 2 goals down, sent the game to overtime, sent the game to another overtime, then won. ESPN, NBC, Sports Illustrated, The Sporting News, TSN, CBC, The Local Take Scoreboard Los Angeles 5, New York Rangers 4 […]

Cup Dumps 6/2/14

  The Kings and Rangers are meeting in the Stanley Cup Final. NBC won’t say so, but they appreciate it. The Top Line Los Angeles won in OT last night to take their place as the Rangers’ opponent for the Cup.ESPN, Yahoo, Sports Illustrated, TSN, CBC, Fox, The Local Take – Just have to say that is […]

Cup Dumps 5/31/14

Woo, are you ready for the Stanley Cu — Oh, we;re not there yet? The Top Line The Blackhawks won yesterday, setting up a thrilling conclusion for Sunday. NBC, Sports Illustrated, TSN, CBC, Fox , The Local Take Scoreboard Chicago 4, Los Angeles 3 – Patrick Kane is exerting himself. Tweet of the moment . RT