Barry Claus

Merry Christmas, from Barry Claus

It's amazing… when you can't see the mullet, he sort of looks just like another drunk uncle. Thanks as always for reading Barry Melrose Rocks this year, from the bottom of the cold black heart shared by Loser Domi and myself. Maybe, just maybe, we can get some hockey in the new year so she […]


Barry Melrose has had some free time

Earlier this month, folks with Random House Canada contacted us about receiving a copy of Dropping the Gloves by Barry Melrose. For whatever reason, they suspected a site named “Barry Melrose Rocks” to positively review this book. Unfortunately, I haven’t had time to read it quite yet, but I have been able to leaf through it, […]

Russian kids just love punching The best part of this entire scuffle, to me, anyways, is that the referees have absolutely no problem separating the kids. Also, the penalty box being filled to capacity. It’s really a splendid time.


Hello, folks! It’s that time of year again! In a few days, I’ll be done with semester one of graduate school, and I’ll find myself with time on my hands. The question remains: would you like a hockey themed holiday card? I’ll do whatever kinda thing you want (except nudes, no nudes.) Just direct message […]

Happy Birthday, Kevin Schultz

Today is Kevin Schultz’s birthday. If you don’t know, Schultz founded this site, invited me and Loser Domi to write here, and now weeps quietly to himself on Long Island as we slowly drive it into the ground. In honor of his birthday, here is Kevin’s favorite image of all time: Feel free to harass […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

In honor of the holiday, American Thanksgiving, I wanted to thank you all for bearing with this hockey blog when there is no hockey to speak of. In honor of the day, I wanted to share with you this shaky video of a hockey game between Greece and Turkey. Get it? Thanksgiving? Greece? Turkey? It’s […]

It’s time to move on NHL fans… to Albanian soccer

Dear @October 18, 2012 You think I’m joking?! I am not! I’m all about Albanian soccer! Really! Let’s do it! Here are a couple of fun facts about Albanian soccer: – Skenderbeu is currently on top of the table – Like in hockey, they score “goals” in soccer, and the teams are filled with a […]

I’m sick of this.

Ever since sports started, team owners have been trying to take advantage of athletes. The mentality was that the owners were the smart people, the ones with the money. Players were property, just big dumb oxes that went out and ran around and tackled and skated and pitched for owners. They were paid whatever the […]


Pierre Lebrun, Katie Strang meet by the cash bar

Pierre Lebrun and Katie Strang, both hockey journalists for ESPN are obivously professional and hard working, whether or not ESPN covers their sport or not. In fact they have made the best of their present situation covering labor negotiations, opting to make a video update from the site of the current labor negotiations. So what […]


NBC meets on ice entertainment quota

The NHL isn’t airing on NBC this year, but they wanted to make sure to show that they could still provide on ice entertainment, so with more eyes on them, perhaps at any other time this fall, they made sure to go to the rink outside of Rockefeller Center. The electoral map during the election […]


Daly, Steve Fehr, Allegedly meet again

Sources who might be close to NHL Deputy Comissioner Bill Daly have insisted that Daly is out of his office for the time being and may or may not be in a meeting somewhere with someone. He may have left in his car, or perhaps grabbed a ride in a taxi, with neither option precluding […]

A list of Halloween costumes possibly worn by NHL players

It’s not often that players in the NHL actually get to go out for Halloween, so thank goodness we have a lockout, right? Hockey players can go to parties or go trick or treeting or whatever it is they do. Anyways, here is a list of BMR approved Halloween costumes. Anze Kopitar – Luke Skywalker […]

Lockout Fun: Get Drunk and Yell at Cars.

With the lockout, we’re all scrambling for something to do. I know I’ve been neglecting this blog, what with graduate school and all, but I managed to stumble upon something truly amazing. I know we all love keeping up with the wacky antics of the Staal brothers. I have unearthed the official rules to the […]

Pour one out for Kevin Schultz

As you may have heard, the New York Islanders are moving from Nassau County to Brooklyn. This was rumored to be coming for some time, but still, it’s big news. I mean, it’s bad news that the Islanders are leaving, but at least the Isles aren’t headed to Quebec or Seattle or something right? It’s […]