Why I Haven’t Been Posting About the Finals

Bullet points for all you busy folks! Washed away in the flooding Sedins slowly sucking out my will to live Aaron Rome (who?) elbowed me in the face. But hey, there were no lewd motions or comments, so, NHL discipline says we’re all cool. The Mighty Zedno ate my babies. Too many 40 ounces in […]

NHL Guardians Project: There is No End to New NHL Marketing Ideas

I don’t think it would take a lot to convince people that the NHL is one of the most inviting of the four major sports leagues. The NFL and NBA are good to their fans too, excluding Ron Artest beating up a handful of Pistons fans. No matter how your order those three, coming in […]

The Versus [Drinking] Game of the Week New Jersey at Washington

Brian Engblom is a scary dude. The haircut makes you think he might be a whimsical, good time kind of guy, but the more I watch him, the more I realize that I wouldn’t want to meet him at a party. He takes things WAY to seriously for my blood. Perhaps I only catch him […]

Dammit Wyshynski!

  Just because you have the Yahoo graphics department to put together fancy lookin’ imagery doesn’t mean you can just bogart the drinking circuit! But if you would be so kind, I would like to add a rule to your game. Drink once for every nipple on camera. Twice if it’s hary. 5 times if […]

Rick DiPietro Meets Dramatic Chipmunk

Last night at the Coliseum, the Nordiques invaded. There was still a hockey game to be played, however. And, as per usual, the Islanders lost that hockey game. Rick DiPietro also gave up a wacky goal right off the face off from Bryan Little. And when I say ‘right off the face off’ I mean […]

Really, Who Brings Waffles to a Hockey Game?

Apparently the folks in Toronto do. Domi, you have to explain this one to us. I mean really. You get mad at your team so you pelt them with tasty breakfast foods? English soccer hooligans are having a good laugh at you right now, Toronto (they’re not usually satisfied until they stab an opposing fan/player […]

The Versus [Drinking] Game of the Week Rangers at Pittsburgh

The NHL must be doing well on Versus. The network has begun airing games later in the week, not just the Monday/Tuesday slate they used to. It takes some pretty solid programming to knock the rodeo off the air on Versus. In honor of this expanded lineup, we’re going to look at the Wednesday game, […]

The Versus [Drinking] Game of the Week, San Jose at Detroit

Apparently Versus is upping their hockey coverage, which is nice. There will be 4 big games this week on the home of the NHL. The game for which I will generate some rules is going to be on Monday, my favorite night to drink, but Tuesday features Buffalo at Boston, Wednesday is the Sharks at […]


Update on the Sedins: Creepiness now newsworthy

Well great. Of course, this just means that they know how creepy Wes Gilbertson thought they were. And if they ever show up in my house, silently staring at me from the hallway, they will know before I even grab the crucifix that I am planning an exorcism.

Weekend Drinkability: Old Prospector Edition

Center Ice is present, nay prevalent, in many hockey loving homes these days. Now, unlike in the past, folks can watch any game on any given night. This may be a little overwhelming. BMR is always here to help you, dear reader. Today we present “Weekend Drinkability: What to Watch While You’re Whetting Your Whistle […]

Billy Smith… Killed… A… Sabre?

I wouldn’t put it past the guy, really. We all know how just angry he was all the damn time on the ice. He was like Dwayne Roloson, with that always seriously pissed off stare, except Roloson doesn’t act out violently half as much as Smith used to. The NHL was a wild and crazy […]


As you may or may not know, our own Kevin Schultz had a birthday this past Saturday. In his honor, I made him a card with JR and ice girls. Actually, now that I think about it, this card is a pretty accurate summary of the site. Enjoy! Front of the card:  inside: 

Mullet Monday: Mario Lopez Does Not Age

Today’s winner of Mullet Monday is AC Slater from Saved by the Bell! Played by Mario Lopez he was the suave latino guy on the early 90′s show that was hugely popular with teens. And yes, he also had a suave latino mullet. The show itself only lasted five years — about as long as […]

The Versus [Drinking Game] of the Week, Dallas at Carolina

After a bunch of vacation and, frankly, a bit of laziness, there hasn’t been a drinking game in a while. Yes, that’s right, I’ve been too lazy to drink. Pretty incredible, if I do say so myself. But before we get to that, be sure to follow me on Twitter! I finally made the jump […]

Hockey is finally catching on in South Florida

I count 5 dudes up there with Kris Letang and David Booth fighting for the puck against the boards mere feet away from them. You’ve got cell phone dude on the left, heavily engrossed in conversation about whatever it is Floridians talk about (I imagine it to be alligators and hanging chads). Two seats over, […]