NFL announces special Super Bowl plans

Today Roger Goodell and the NFL issued a statement on a very special plan for the biggest football game of the year. It was passed along to us because there was a hockey note in it. Here it is! With the growing onus on player safety in the NFL, and the obvious necessity of finding […]

Mrs. Tavares Goes to Work.

Let me explain: this picture is the result of a bet I had at the store. Thanks to stupid Kostitsyn scoring in overtime, the Leafs lost and the Habs won, which means that I have to wear the Jose Theodore toque for a week. I figured I make the best of a bad situation and […]

The Outdoor [drinking] Game of the Year: Philadelphia at Boston

Everyone is going to pay attention to the NHL on Friday. Well, when they aren’t watching the Rose Bowl. Everyone loves the novelty of playing a hockey game outside. Why is this? Nobody wants to watch Lebron James play at Progressive Field, you know? But the thing is, everyone loves it. Non-Hockey fans like yo […]

Mikael Samuelsson Hates Your Olympic Team

Well, really only if your Olympic team is Team Sweden. In that case, he thinks that the committee choosing the team can stick it where the sun don’t shine. Per FanHouse: When asked about the snub following Vancouver’s 5-1 win in Calgary on Sunday, Samuelsson was brutally honest in sharing his frustration: “Probably going to get […]


Ha! I got to wish you all a Merry Christmas before the day is over! It still counts! On behalf of the rest of the writers here, Gary Bettman and Snoop Dogg, I wanted to make sure I was able to thank you for your continued support of Barry Melrose Rocks and wish you all […]

The human squirrel

Last night, when I was working on that Ric Flair post, the power flashed and went out. Having recently moved, I thought maybe I forgot to get it transferred to me. Then I realized they probably wouldn’t turn it off at 1230 in the morning. Looked out the window, and it was out for blocks. […]

Dwayne Roloson is an F-ing Beast

It’s time for everyone to stand up and show respect for 40-year old netminder Dwayne Roloson. This guy has played his entire career on putrid hockey teams (including the time he backstopped the Oilers to the Stanley Cup Final cause they were the 8th seed and limped in) and kept them from absurd levels of […]

The Carolina Hurricanes “pulled out a few stops”

By now, everyone knows that Ric Flair showed up at the Carolina Hurricanes’ game against the Rangers on Monday. That’s great, and if i had any bearing on the world of the WWE or people who say “WOO” pretty much all the time, I might have some more topical jokes. But alas. I was mostly […]

The Versus [drinking] Game of the Week: San Jose at Chicago

It’s a Christmas Miracle! The Drinking Game will actually include a team from the West Coast! The game will be in Chicago, of course, but still, lets take our victories where we can get them! For anyone from the center of the country, you can go ahead and get drunk without any repurcussions, with yet […]

Who burned the Wild’s gear?

In Ottawa last week, a fire in the equipment van belonging to the Minnesota Wild destroyed almost all of their equipent. Sure, the authorities may say it was an accident, but I don’t know. If the fire were deliberately set, then I can think of a few suspects. Who REALLY burned the Wild’s equipment? – […]

Schultz is famous!

You see that head peeking just above Nate Thompson’s 11 on his sleeve? (link in case the photo does not appear.) In this stolen photo from Getty/Yahoo sports, that guy just happens to be our own Kevin Schultz. A few minor observations here: That guy beside Kevin looks scared, and he should not be watching the […]

Mark Messier, Rangers GM? Please say it’s so!

The Islanders beat the Rangers 2-1 last night in the first game of a home-and-home that culminates tonight, but that’s not the reason for this post. In Botta’s post-game report on his blog, I saw an interesting little note…   The first sustained “Fire Sather” chant of the season. Oh brother. (By the way, can […]


<a href=”” mce_href=”” >BMR Live Chat December 15, 2009</a>

Live chat tonight! 7 PM

That’s right cats and kittens! It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for another  BMR half-assed liveblog (even if we use our whole asses.) Sure, you can spend your night doing holiday stuff with family, or you can chat with hockey fans online while we talk about bananas, Jeremy Roenick, Swedish chicks, or whatever comes up. […]