If you read one post all week, let it be this one. Things are going to be changing a bit around here. We’re not moving anywhere, the personnel is just going to get mixed around. Nothing is finalized yet, but as of January 5th I am taking a job that may ask me to stop […]

Paul Stastny Hurt, Snowblower Appointed Master of Universe

Some interesting news out of Colorado the last few days… Fantasy Hockey Legend and Master of the Universe Paul Stastny has broken his arm and will be out of service indefinitely for the Avs. The news comes as a shock all around the galaxy, as Stastny has long thought to have been indestructible. In the […]

Why Patrick Kane will be in the league forever

For most people, not just hockey fans, EA Sports’ NHL 93 (I had 94, so I’m going with that image) is their first brilliant sports video game (Madden took a little while to get it’s legs under it). One of the best teams, the Blackhawks, featured quality young players that ended up having (even still) […]

The Rare Occasion in Which I Agree With a Toronto Media Member

Whoa, don’t let that title catch you by surprise there. I’m not rooting for the Leafs or anything it just happens that, somehow, Damien Cox of the Toronto Star and myself are on the same page. Now he’s not saying anything earth shattering. In fact, all he’s saying is that John Tavares is the real […]


I don’t have words for this one. Just watch. _uacct = “UA-1868762-1″; urchinTracker();

Merry Christmas!

I know it’s late, but since I didn’t post today, I wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas! I hope you all got to spend time with loved ones and those loved ones gave you exactly what you wanted. Me? I got a TV stand, a cooler full of beer and a bit of […]

A Christmas Carol from the San Jose Sharks

If you’ve ever wanted to see a shirtless Joe Thornton in a teal Santa cap singing Jingle Bells… Well, there’s probably something seriously wrong with you. Or maybe you’re on drugs. Either one. But whatever your dysfunction, are you in luck today! Thanks to Comcast Sports Net in San Jose (and a h/t to Puck […]

They’re Trying, They’re Just Not Good at This

AP Apologies in advance for two Islander-related posts this week, but last night was my first visit to the Coliseum this season, so I think some thoughts are appropriate. First off, the push for the Lighthouse Project is everywhere — as it should be. Even the ice girls’ snow shovels have signs advertising on the […]

Fantasy Hockey Update

It’s been a while since Ryan altered you all to my embarrassment of a fantasy hockey team, so it’s probably time that we give you another look at what’s going on in the BMR fantasy leagues. First up is the Invitational league. I’m happy to report that yours truly has moved out of last place, […]

All I Want for Christmas is Some Tavares

It’s almost Christmas, and as a male 20-something that has a laptop and an XBOX 360, I have about everything I need to keep myself occupied for long periods of time. This makes it really hard for people to buy things for me. That’s OK though, it usually makes my bank account a little happier. […]

And Now Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Blog

Well, I’m back from Vegas and ready to get this thing going again. A big thanks to everyone who took the time to fill in here; Pensblog, Wrap Around Curl, Steve Lepore and of course Ryan. They’re really all a great bunch of people and did a great job over here the last few days. […]


In times like these we must be vigilant! We must stand strong and remember the history that binds us. We must never forget the Spokane Chiefs dropped the Memorial Cup. Despite efforts by the organization to mask this incident. It was an act of glory. One of great amusement. It’d be like if the kids […]

“Mats! You F–king Bitch! We Can Work It Out!”

Kevin is out of town, so holding down the fort will be Ryan and a star studded cast of guest posters who will be stopping throughout the week. Please welcome your overlord for the day, the critically acclaimed and criminally under appreciated Wrap Around Curl. Hey guess what? It’s a post about Mats Sundin. I […]

The Versus [drinking] Game of the Week (Pittsburgh at Buffalo)

Mmmm…. Nog So Kevin is on vacation in Las Vegas, and I am in Minnesota with plans to go to Fargo this weekend. We’re both going to be seeing snow on our trip, but I suspect Kevin is going to be having more fun, mostly because he doesn’t have to drive in it. Trust me […]

NHL, TV Partners Should Act Swiftly to Show off Sharks

Kevin is out of town, so holding down the fort will be Ryan and a star-studded cast of guest posters who will be stopping throughout the week.  Please welcome your overlord for the afternoon, Steve Lepore from Puck the Media. Hi everyone.  Hopefully you know me if you read this fantastic website, but if you […]