Puck Dumps 1/5/14

I don't know if you heard, but it's cold out. Almost too cold for hockey. Almost

The Top Line

The Rangers obliterated the Maple Leafs. Yikes. ESPN, Sports Illustrated, The Local Take #1, The Local Take #2



Boston 4, Winnipeg 1 – The Bruins netted two goals from Torey Krug, the player who I believe owns the most incongruous first and last names. 

Colorado 4, San Jose 3 – Nathan McKinnon grabbed two goals in this one as well, significantly more impressive than scoring on the Jets.

Buffalo 2, New Jersey 1 – The Sabres are no longer in the running to be historically bad. Congratulations!

New York Rangers 7, Toronto 1 – On the plus side, the Maple Leafs got to play outside!

Ottawa 4, Montreal 3 (OT) – Clarke McArthur, scorer of the game winning goal, has 14 goals on the season. How many fun facts can you name about the Ottawa Senators?

Florida 5, Nashville 4 (SO) – Nashville scored twice in the third to get the loser point. ASAS.

Carolina 3, New York Islanders 2 – With guys like Vanek and Tavares, you would think the Islanders would be better. This is something I assume they say on Long Island all the time.

St. Louis 6, Columbus 2 – Somehow, this wasn't the biggest blowout of the night. Congratulations, Ohio!

Detroit 5, Dallas 1 – And this, this is small potatoes. Even though Henrik Zetterberg got two goals on the road.

Minnesota 5, Washington 3 – Ryan Suter earned a hat trick, but more impressive, the Wild were the first team to ever score 5 goals while getting less than 12 shots. How was your night, Braden Holtby?

Philadelphia 5, Phoenix 3 – Philly and Phoenix pheuded but the Phlyers phought phor phive phinishes and a phantastic phictory.

Los Angeles 3, Vancouver 1 – I always see Carter's last name in a scoreline and for a brief bit hope it's Anson, but it's always Jeff.


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