Puck Dumps 1/13/14

It's Monday the 13th! Yaah!

The Top Line

It looks like the North American media can't get their act together. No common stories.



Buffalo 2, Washington 1 (SO) – I would hate to see what happens to the Sabres when Ryan Miller leaves.ASAS

New York Islanders 4, Dallas 2 – This is an example of two teams moving in opposite directions.

Toronto 3, New Jersey 2 (SO) -I am trying to think of a Rob Ford-Chris Christie joke, but I just couldn't. ASAS

New York Rangers 4, Philadelphia 1 – Against all odds, the Rangers continue to be the best team in the state of New York.

Chicago 5, Edmonton 3 – Chicago had 20 more shots than the Oilers. If anything, Antti Raanta sould be embarrassed. 

Minnesota 4, Nashville 0 – After a lot of discussion last night, I decied that I really don't like the Predators logo.

Anaheim 1, Detroit 0 – I wonder what the last team to sweep a Los Angeles area road trip was. 


Tweet of the Moment


Craig Adams has a mustache.

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