Hello Modo

What have the Sedins been doing during the lockout, you ask? I'm sure you asked it.

Well, Henrik has taken the time to get away from hockey and his brother Daniel for a bit. He has enjoyed his time in British Columbia helping his sons with their school work. He and his wife took a vacation to Bali before Christmas, and enjoyed the first Christmas in Sweden in longer than he can remember.

Daniel, unbound by the contractual obligations of the NHL, has taken up some more adventurous activities, like skiing and hiking. Cooped up indoors all winter, even if he is skating, Daniel wanted to take the opportunity to get some fresh air. Daniel has also enjoyed helping out around his wife's office, which both he and his wife's coworkers get quite the kick out of. 

Without hockey, the Sedins are so BORING. Hopefully we can get weird again, since they are signing with Modo in the Swedish Eliteserien.

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