Cup Dumps 4/20/14

  Today, everyone is smoking their Easter grass.  The Top Line The Playoffs are seeing a diversity of coverage today. Most surprising is that the Chicago-St. Louis series isn’t the top headline on any site. The most pub is going to Flyers-Rangers, largely because Ray Emery is starting in net. NBC, Yahoo, TSN,, The Local Take […]

Cup Dumps 4/19/14

Every series has started now. Just a matter of time before the postseason is over. The Top Line The Blues and Blackhawks are squaring off right now. Will this game end? ESPN, NBC, Yahoo, Sports Illustrated, CBC, Fox, The Local Take #1 The Local Take #2 Scoreboard Montreal 4, Tampa Bay 1 – Uh oh, Tampa Bay. 0-2 […]

Cup Dumps 4/18/14

  Two days in, and the Cup chase is heartbreaking. The Top Line All of the previewage of the Red Wings and Bruins you can handle. ESPN, NBC, Yahoo, Sports Illustrated,, The Local Take #1 The Local Take #2 Scoreboard New York 4, Philadelphia 1 – Win or lose, I don’t think anyone expected either […]

Cup Dumps 4/17/2014

Aww yeah, it’s Stanley Cup time.  The Top Line As you can imagine, there is no shortage of cup previews. Namely, the Blues, Blackhawks: NBC, Yahoo, Sports Illustrated, The Local Take #1, The Local Take #2 As is probably somewhat less surprising, there is some attention being paid to the Rangers-Flyers series as well. TSN, Fox, […]

Puck Dumps 4/14/14

Season’s over! One last lingering Dump. The Top Line Enjoy some various Playoff related internet postings. ESPN, NBC, Sports Illustrated, Scoreboard Detroit 3, St. Louis 0 – The Blues are going into the playoffs strong, aren’t they? New Jersey 3, Boston 2 – Marty Brodeur gets the win in what may be his final […]

Puck Dumps 4/13/14

This is it, the last day of the regular season. The last time you have a chance to tell the Ottawa Senators how you REALLY feel. The Top Line The playoff matchups are set in the east, with Montreal winning as they try to get home ice against Tampa Bay. ESPN, TSN, CBC, The Local Take […]

Puck Dumps 4/12/14

412. What’s up, Pittsburgh The Top Line Dallas has indeed claimed the final spot in the post season. Our 16 teams are set. ESPN, Sports Illustrated,, The Local Take Scoreboard Washington 4, Chicago 0 – A little late, Washington. Nice try, though. Carolina 2, Detroit 1 – Same to you, Hurricanes. Tampa Bay 3, Columbus […]

Puck Dumps 4/11/14

This morning, ads are for AARP and Merrill Lynch. Do we know our readers or what? The Top Line Brendan Shanahan is leaving his job as league disciplinarian for something far more depressing. Yahoo, Sports Illustrated, TSN, CBC,, The Local Take Scoreboard New York Rangers 2, Buffalo 1 – The Rangers weren’t exactly pushing […]


Phoenix and Dallas: The Tale of the Tape

15 of the NHL’s 16 playoff positions have been determined already. There are only two teams fighting for that last spot. The Coyotes and Stars are the only teams in the NHL with anything to really play for in the waning embers of the NHL season. Who do we really want in the postseason, through? Neither […]

Puck Dumps 4/10/14

The season is almost over. No more shootouts. The Top Line A few teams locked up their playoff positions last night. Which is good, because I always hate it when you try to schedule stuff at the last minute. ESPN, NBC, Yahoo, Sporting News Scoreboard Chicago 3, Montreal 2 (OT) – Nobody for the Blackhawks […]


Hey, Boston, where’d you get that sweet logo idea?

  I mean, yeah, sure, there are some fundamental differences. The animals are different, and they are pointed in opposite directions, but I can’t be the only one to note the resemblance, am I? Of course, there is very little chance that the Bruins staff even had the BWWs logo in mind when they put […]

Puck Dumps 4/9/14

It’s the final week of the regular season. You are almost done with hearing about the Islanders several times a week! The Top Line Alexander Ovechkin scored goal number 50, and the Capitals still cling to hope for the postseason. NBC, Yahoo, Sports Illustrated, The Local Take Scoreboard New York Rangers 4, Carolina 1 – Marty […]

Puck Dumps 4/8/14

The Dump is back. I hope you were able to carry on without your morning dose of BMR. The Top Line The Devils couldn’t get any points from the Flames, and that will really hurt their playoff hopes, ESPN, Yahoo, Sports Illustrated, The Local Take #1, The Local Take #2 Scoreboard Calgary 1, New Jersey 0 […]