The most boring team in the league

The NHL Trade Deadline tells us a few things about the teams in the league. Who is going for it? Who is content? Who likes to be aggressive? Who likes to play it safe? For those that cover the league, even if they don't get to watch every game, roster moves generate their own kind of excitement. The Deadline is excitement personified.

25 teams executed deals yesterday. Thats 5/6th of the league. Making hockey trades is a blast. Even if you are conservative in nature, making a move can help you plan for the future or shore up a weaker unit. If you are too conservative to even execute a minor deal? Well, I'm sorry, that's just dull. 

Of the 5 teams that didn't make a deal yesterday, two of them, the Blackhawks and Coyotes swung deals on Tuesday, even executing a trade with each other. The Coyotes made another trade, an exciting 4 player deal (also, the Coyoted traded away 3 defensemen, which sounds like a lot of fun) with the Caps. The Blues made the biggest pre-deadline deal a week ago, acquiring Ryan Miller and Steve Ott. 

That leaves two teams that didn't partake in the deadline this year. At least the Maple Leafs executed a trade this season (4, actually). Who can forget the Leafs trading Jon Michale Liles moments before the Winter Classic? A dick move like that could never be described as boring. 

That leaves one team. You, the Winnipeg Jets, are the most boring team in the league. Here I thought the no frills Twitter feed was a a unique and admirable endeavor in social media. Turns out it was just a symptom of a terminally dull franchise.

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