The end of the an era


I’ll make it short and sweet, but it would be terrible if I didn’t mention us. The founding father of this very website, Kevin Schultz, has decided to step away from the sports writing game. He started Barry Melrose Rocks as a hobby back in when he was in college. As is the case when anyone has a hobby or pet project, he kicked it’s ass and turned it into one of the best Blogspot sites in all the land. Wanting to turn it into something even bigger, and more importantly, to give him some extra time to work on his education, he added myself, Loser Domi and Dave. Despite that, AOL hired him and Schultz went big time. After AOL shut Fanhouse down, he went to work for Islanders Point Blank, which is part of SNY. His final post was on Friday. You can read his good bye here. 

Thanks from me personally to Kevin Schultz for the opportunity to reach a different audience when you added me to the staff, thank you for the great content you have produced over the years, and thanks for your continued friendship, even if you are a quitter 😉

Congratulations to Schultz on being so close to achieving some pretty great things in life, and for all the success he has already had. If you ever decide to return to blogging, there will always be a spot for you at Barry Melrose Rocks. And I know you aren’t going to leave your career for good when the final player you mention in a post is Jaroslav Halak, so I hope if you decide to return to blogging, it will be sooner rather than later.

About Ryan Henning

Ryan has been working online since 2003 and is presently the proprietor of Barry Melrose Rocks, The Rhino and Compass and The Weather Blog at Victoria-Weather.