Puck Dumps 4/8/14

Puck Dumps

The Dump is back. I hope you were able to carry on without your morning dose of BMR.

The Top Line
The Devils couldn’t get any points from the Flames, and that will really hurt their playoff hopes, ESPN, Yahoo, Sports Illustrated, The Local Take #1, The Local Take #2

Calgary 1, New Jersey 0 – The Flames consumed the Devils. Do you see what I did there?

Minnesota 1, Winnipeg 0 – This is Bryzgalov’s 3rd shutout since joining the Wild. I think Minnesota grabbed him at the right time.

Anaheim 3, Vancouver 0 – Every game last night was a shut out. Speaking of shut out, the Canucks are shutout of the playoffs.


Tweet of the Moment


Come on, BMR fans, don’t let actual Capitals fans be the only ones to win during Caps Fans week!

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