Puck Dumps 4/3/14

Puck Dumps


Just a reminder, the daily dump will be on hiatus until TUESDAY as I will be n vacation. To keep up with the latest hockey news, please try the internet.

The Top Line
The playoffs are right around the corner. If you didn’t know.  Yahoo, NHL.com

New York Islanders 2, Ottawa 1 – The Islanders are really cramping Ottawa’s style.

Detroit 3, Boston 2 – Detroit is angling for a Wild Card spot. They are so mighty.

Anaheim 3, Edmonton 2 – It took me  a while to remember that Anaheim and Edmonton are actually in the same division now. The frequency of their games makes sense now.

Los Angeles 4, Phoenix 0 – Speaking of Wild Card contenders, Phoenix is not doing themselves any favors.


Tweet of the Moment

Get to know him now, because the Maple LEafs aren’t making the playoffs.

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