Puck Dumps 4/2/14

Puck Dumps


Just a heads up,, We will be dumpless from Friday through Monday, as you primary dumper will be on vacation. Please try to carry on.

The Top Line
Jonathan Toews is out for the remainder of the regular season. CBC, NHL.com, The Local Take


Buffalo 3, New Jersey 2 (SO) – The Devils are 0-11 on the shootout this year. ASAS

Colorado 3, Columbus 2 (OT) – When these two teams play, it’s sometimes difficult to remember that Colorado is COL and Columbus is CLB or CBJ, depending on the outlet.

New York Islanders 4, Florida 2 – The Islanders are putting it together at exactly the right time.

Carolina 4, Pittsburgh 1 – The Penguins didn’t have anyone to maim in this game, and just didn’t know what to do.

Toronto 3, Calgary 2 – Way to take one for the team, Calgary, letting another Canadian team break their drought.

Dallas 5, Washington 0 -I don’t think Washington even wants to go to the playoffs.

Tampa Bay 3, Montreal 1 – Somehow, with this result, both teams clinched a spot in the playoffs with this result.

St. Louis 1, Philadelphia 0 (SO) – Just like my college experience, not a lot of scoring in this one. ASAS

Winnipeg 2, Phoenix 1 (SO) – I have to believe most Jets fans aren’t quite satisfied with this result. ASAS

New York Rangers, 3, Vancouver 1 – It’s a sign of how bad the Canucks are that the whole Tortarella/Vigneault angle wasn’t a big national headline.

San Jose 5, Edmonton 4 – At least the Oilers score goals, right?


Tweet of the Moment

The Canucks, of course, are referring to Prince Henrik of Denmark, who is 5 years old.

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