Puck Dumps 4/14/14

Puck Dumps

Season’s over! One last lingering Dump.

The Top Line
Enjoy some various Playoff related internet postings. ESPN, NBC, Sports Illustrated, NHL.com

Detroit 3, St. Louis 0 – The Blues are going into the playoffs strong, aren’t they?

New Jersey 3, Boston 2 – Marty Brodeur gets the win in what may be his final start.

Carolina 6, Philadelphia 5 (SO) – Carolina just didn’t want their season to end. ASAS

Tampa Bay 1, Washington 0 – (SO) – And the Capitals’ season ends as meekly as possible. ASAS

New York Islanders 4, Buffalo 3 (SO) – The Isles and Sabres spent a lot of this game punching one another in the face. ASAS

Ottawa 3, Pittsburgh 2 (SO) – Why were there so many shootouts last night? ASAS

Nashville 7, Minnesota 3 – Barry Trotz isn’t coming back next year. It’s the first time Nashville has ever had a change in coaching staff.

Anaheim 3, Colorado 2 (OT) – Pretty cool that the last game of the season mattered, if only for playoff seeding.

Vancouver 5, Calgary 1 – With the game irrelevant, the only concern here was that Daniel Sedin was stretchered off after bouncing his head off the glass.

Phoenix 2, Dallas 1 – Sorry, Phoenix. You’re too late.


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What does this even mean.

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