Puck Dumps 4/12/14

Puck Dumps

412. What’s up, Pittsburgh

The Top Line
Dallas has indeed claimed the final spot in the post season. Our 16 teams are set. ESPN, Sports Illustrated, NHL.com, The Local Take

Washington 4, Chicago 0 – A little late, Washington. Nice try, though.

Carolina 2, Detroit 1 – Same to you, Hurricanes.

Tampa Bay 3, Columbus 2 – Sounds like Ryan Malone (allegedly) celebrated this win a little too much.

Dallas 3, St. Louis 0 – The Stars are in the playoffs. The Blues still have to press a little bit to secure playoff positioning and home ice. At least they won’t win the President’s Trophy.

Winnipeg 5, Calgary 3 – Look at Canada, still playing hockey.

San Jose 5, Colorado 1 – With these results, Anaheim now controls their own destiny for the top seed out west.


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