Puck Dumps 4/11/14

Puck Dumps

This morning, ads are for AARP and Merrill Lynch. Do we know our readers or what?

The Top Line
Brendan Shanahan is leaving his job as league disciplinarian for something far more depressing. Yahoo, Sports Illustrated, TSN, CBC, NHL.com, The Local Take

New York Rangers 2, Buffalo 1 – The Rangers weren’t exactly pushing themselves with the playoffs right around the corner, I suspect.

Washington 5, Carolina 2 – Oh, sure, NOW The Capitals start scoring goals.

Tampa Bay 4, Philadelphia 2 – The Lightning came back to score 3 in the 3rd period, which would be interesting if this game had any bearing on anything.

Ottawa 2, New Jersey 1 (SO) – Love that the Devils also actively dismiss the shootout. 0 for the season. ASAS

New York Islanders 2, Montreal 0 – And conclusively, the Islanders won the Thomas Vanek sweepstakes this year.

Florida 4, Toronto 2 – Are you sure about this, Shanny?

Nashville 2, Phoenix 0 – It’s all right. We conclusively proved that Dallas is the preferable team for the post season.

Winnipeg 2, Boston 1 (SO) – Boston is playing so many shootout games to build up endurance ahead of the playoffs.

Minnesota 4, St. Louis 2 – The stars for the Wild were goalie John Curry and forward Kyle Brodziak. The end of the season is weird. Also, TJ Oshie was injured and the Blues lost their hold on first place.

Los Angeles 3, Edmonton 0 – Late in the season with nothing on the line? It’s Gaborik’s time to shine!

Colorado 4, Vancouver 2 – And the Avs suddenly are in first place. Patrick Roy definitely wins the Jack Adams, right?


Tweet of the Moment

Nice of the Devils to honor the people who put up with their shit this year

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