Puck Dumps 3/3/14

Ever since Goon was snubbed, I've been unable to watch the Oscars

The Top Line

They really tried to play outside in Vancouver yesterday, ESPN, Sports Illustrated, CBC, NHL.Com, The Local Take #1, The Local Take #2



Philadelphia 5, Washington 4 (OT) – Claude Giroux scored twice and Alexander Ovechkin scired 0. And there you go.

San Jose 4, New Jersey 2 – The Sharks went to Newark and came out winners, something that not many people can say.

Florida 5, New York Islanders 3 – Can you imagine the Islanders without Thomas Vanek? Still losing, but by more.

Ottawa 4, Vancouver 2 – If this game had actually been played outside, I bet Vancouver would have won.

Boston 6, New York Rangers 3 – Gregory Campbell scored 2 goals. for the Bruins, if you were wondering if the Rangers can stop anyone.

Colorado 6, Tampa Bay 3 – Nick Holden scored twice as well. Anyone could score a pair last night.

St. Louis 4, Phoenix 2 – Paul Bisonette even scored tw… oh, he only scored once, but that's still pretty insane. Patrik Berglund DID score twice for the Blues though.

Anaheim 5, Carolina 3 – The Hurricanes just exude sadness right now.


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Congratulations, Erik Schmitt! 1000 tweets! Amazing!

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