Puck Dumps 3/25/14

Tomorrow is moving day! Check us out tomorrow afternoon to see if you notice any changes.

The Top Line

It took a bunch of French speaking Canadians to slow down the Boston Bruins. ESPN, NBC, CBC, NHL.com, The Local Take # 1, The Local Take #2



New York Rangers 4, Phoenix 3 (OT) – The Coyotes have a tough late schedule, and now an injured goaltender to deal with the rest of the way. 

Los Angeles 3, Philadelphia 2 – Vinny Lecavalier hit every available piece of iron, the puck stayed out, and the Flyers lost by 1. Painful.

Montreal 2, Boston 1 (SO) – Oh, the Bruins streak ended on a shootout? That barely counts. ASAS.

Ottawa 4, Tampa Bay 3 (SO) – Erik Karlsson had three points. He's pretty good. ASAS.

Dallas 2, Winnipeg 1 – Holy hell, Ray Whitney still plays?

Calgary 2, San Jose 1 (SO) – Boy, hockey was especially dumb last night, wasn't it?


Tweet of the Moment


Ouch. Just a painful game all the way around for the Coyotes. My apologies to ‘Yotes fans everywhere.

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