Puck Dumps 3/24/14

Good morning. Let's start the week off right with a fresh Dump.

The Top Line

Everyone is starting the week with a fresh take on something completely different from everyone else. No links to more reading for y'all!



New York Islanders 2, Columbus 0 – Normally, this is not a game that would receive much interest, and this is one of those times that is normal.

St. Louis 1, Pittsburgh 0 – A third period goal gave the Blues the win in what some are calling a finals preview, even though the Blues will lose before they get there.

New Jersey 3, Toronto 2 – The Maple Leafs tried to fight back with a goal in the third, but the mediocre Devils were too much.

Nashville 2, Chicago  – The Blackhawks are terrible.

Minnesota 4, Detroit 3 (OT) – The road team won each game of this home and home weekend set. 

Vancouver 4, Buffalo 2 – This is the saddest game of the night. Just a lot of sadness.

Anaheim 6, Florida 2 – It makes me feel better that the Ducks are back to destroying inferior competition.


Tweet of the Moment


The names “Travis” and “Dale” don’t translate from French to English.

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