Puck Dumps 3/23/14

I heard that the playoffs start in just 23 days. Big, if true.

The Top Line

Everyone covered something else, from a mix of games played last night to games on the docket for today. There was no top story for today, so let's see everything in the Scoreboard.



Philadelphia 4, St. Louis 1 – The Blues are definitely just coasting into the playoffs at this point. Actually, truth be told, Ryan Miller sucked, and the Flyers took advantage.

Pittsburgh 4, Tampa Bay 3 (OT) – On the plus side, Ondrej Palat's goal was so good, it scored a top spot on The Sporting News.

Detroit 3, Minnesota 2 – I heard Gustav Nyquist declared the hottest goal scorer in the league many times.

Dallas 3, Ottawa 1 – Erik Karlsson has 19 goals for the Sens, which shows that they are doing offense wrong.

Los Angeles Kings 4, Florida 0 – Bobby Lu actually had 10 more saves than Ryan Miller on this evening. Reconsidering your move yet, St. Louis (no, they are not)

Carolina 3, Winnipeg 2 – There were 2 goals from Staals, but who can tell them apart?

Montreal 4, Toronto 3 – 5 total goals were scored in the first period, and then everything else had to waint until the end. Way to draw us in, Montreal and Toronto.

New York Rangers 2, New Jersey 0 – Henrik Lundqvist had career save #50.

Boston 4, Phoenix 2- Now the Bruins are just showing off.

Calgary 8, Edmonton 1- The Oilers fans turned to open revolt by the end of the game. Oilers jersey were removed and hurled onto the ice.

Washington 3, San Jose 2 – This was the first time in 12 trips to San Jose that the Caps came away victorious. 


Tweet of the Moment


I would make a joke, but the three game swing through California is tough. Getting 5 points isn’t bad.

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