Puck Dumps 3/22/14 (but actually the right day this time)

Finally, it's the weekend and I can take my pants off.

The Top Line

I think the surest sign that the media is distracted by the NCAA basketball tournament is that the Predators-Flames game from last night is the top story on three different outlets. Yahoo, TSN, CBC, The Local Take #1 The Local Take #2 



New York Rangers 3, Columbus 1 – This is a burgeoning rivalry, thanks to both teams scrambling for a playoff spot. That seemed unlikely.

Chicago 3, Carolina 2 – Patrick Kane was injured in this game, which means he will likely be out for the remainder of the regular season. That is bad.

Boston 2, Colorado 0 – The Bruins confirmed their spot in the playoffs before any other team. 

Nashville 6, Calgary 4 – So you see, there WERE other headlines in other games, but somehow, this game was covered more extensively by the North American media.


Tweet of the Moment


Doesn't Dan Bylsma speak English as a native language? What's all this about?

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