Puck Dumps 3/21/14

Can anyone figure out why Yahoo is so slow today?

The Top Line

Steven Stamkos is seems like he might be OK. ESPN, NBC, TSN, The Local Take



Tampa Bay 5, Toronto 3 – Stamkos had a hat trick. You cannot destroy Stamkos.

Winnipeg 5, Colorado 4 (OT) – Ever since I eclared Winnipeg boring, they have reeled off overtime games and massive fistffights. Well done, Winnipeg.

Chicago 4,, St. Louis  0 – Chicago does not care about your doubts.

Vancouver 2, Nashville 0 – The Canucks got a great performance from Corey Sch– Roberto Luo– Whoever the hell is in net.


Tweet of the Moment


Fee that enthusiasm, Columbus! The Blue Jackets are TRICKLING ONTO THE ICE

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