Puck Dumps 3/20/14

sorry, we were just doing a little spring cleaning at Casa Henning this morning. Not unlike what the Sabres did a few weeks back.

The Top Line

The Blackhawks play the Blues this evening. Won't you please watch? NBC NHL.com, The Local Take #1, The Local Take #2



Boston 4, New Jersey 2 – The Bruins continue to mercillessly destroy everything in their path.

Minnesota 6, New York Islanders – By the end of the game, the Islanders fans were cheering for the Wild, especially when Matt Moulson scored his second goals.

Pittsburgh 5, Dallas 1 – Sidney Crosby and Lee Stempniak appear to be buddies, if my glossing over headlines seems to be accurate.

Carolina 3, Columbus 1 – Just when I think the Hurricanes are completely helpless, you see that they are only mostly helpless.

Montreal 6, Colorado 3 – Thomas Vanek scored a hat trick, his first since joining the Canadiens.

New York Rangers 8, Ottawa 4 – Holy smokes. Talk about opposite fortunes for the two squads from New York.

Detroit 3, Toronto 2 – The fact that this game was played indoors makes it irrelevant.

Philadelphia 3, Chicago 2 (OT) – It bodes well for the Blues that they get to take on a team that played bonus hockey last night.

Calgary 3, Buffalo 1 – Hey, good for these guys.

Edmonton 5, Nashville 1 – Good night in Alberta, I guess. Not often that happens.

Washington 3, Anaheim 2 – It seems like the Ducks lose way more games against bad teams at home than they should.

Florida 3, San Jose 2 – Roberto Luongo had to stop 52 shots. Fifty. Two.


Tweet of the Moment


It will not be the Canadian Tire around your house. Sorry.

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