Puck Dumps 3/2/14

I hope you haven't wasted your weekend. It's already Sunday, if you didn't know.

The Top Line

A couple teams played outside AGAIN last night. I think the novelty has pretty much worn off, right? ESPN, NBC, Yahoo, Sports Illustrated, Fox,, The Local Take #1, The Local Take #2



Washington 4, Boston 2 – Olex Ovechkin is having an amazing season, guys.

New Jersey 6, New York Islanders 1 – The Devils scored 6 goals? They didn't even do this when they were good.

Philadelphia 4, New York 2 – I had to double check, but it turns out the Flyers aren't doing too bad this year.

Columbus 6, Florida 3 – Look at this game, trying to be all interesting with its goals and stuff.

Winnipeg 3, Nashville 1 – The Jets are surprisingly filled with guys I have heard of. Olli Jokinen, Andrew Ladd and Devin Setoguchi all scored for them.

Tampa Bay 4, Dallas 2 – Martin St. Louis is still on a mission. Dude, you did it! You made the Olympics!

Los Angeles 3, Carolina 1 – Why have the Hurricanes just completely given up?

Montreal 4, Toronto 3 (OT) – Max Pacioretty with the game winner, proving once again that getting your face blasted off a stancheon is really not a big deal.

Chicago 5, Pittsburgh 1 – Do the Penguins ever even play indoor games?

Calgary 2, Edmonton 1 (OT) – There are more teams in Alberta than there are in Quebec. At least they are both really good.


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