Puck Dumps 3/18/14

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The Top Line

Patrick Roy is returning to Montreal. I feel like this shouldn't be this big of a deal. He returned several times as a member of the Avs? ESPN, TSN, NHL.com The Local Take #1, The Local Take #2 



Boston 4, Minnesota 1 – Boston and Minnesota are, at present, going in completely opposite directions.

Tampa Bay 4, Vancouver 3 – Tampa Bay just keeps on scoring goals. Nice to see Stamkos on the box score.

St. Louis 3, Winnipeg 1 – This game got chippy towards the end. Many punches thrown. More punches than shots, I reckon.

Phoenix 4, Los Angeles 3 – Phoenix looked like they were prepared to lose, until they brought out KLINKHAMMER. He tied it. Then they won.


Tweet of the Moment


Let’s check back in with Ryan Graves in 2-4 years.

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