Puck Dumps 3/17/14

After trying to put this together with Internet Explorer, all I can say is thank God for Google Chrome.

The Top Line

Since it's St. Patrick's Day, let's talk about Zdeno Chara, I guess. About as opposite from a leprechaun as you can get. NBC, Yahoo The Local Take



Philadelphia 4, Pittsburgh 3 – A sweep by Philadelphia is pretty much the end of the world in western Pennsylvania. Hilarious to me.

Edmonton 2, Carolina 1 – Does this mean Edmonton can get the 2006 Cup?

Washington 4, Toronto 2 – So America is better than Canada after all.

Vancouver 4, Florida 3 (SO -) I guess the Canucks won the trade.

San Jose 1,  New York Rangers 0 – Looks like the Sharks took a bite out of the Rangers hahaha, oh me.

Colorado 3, Ottawa 1 –  Ottawa may be incredibly mediocre, but at least they aren't disappointing and failing to live up to expectations

Montreal 2, Buffalo 0 – Thomas Vanek barely remembers Buffalo anymore, I bet.

Chicago 4, Detroit 1 – I wonder if anyone feels bad for the Red Wings. I bet no.

Winnipeg 7, Dallas 2 – Holy buckets, is that impressive. Most exciting thing to happen in Winnipeg since…..


Tweet of the Moment


Remember when Tortorella was a coach in Tampa. Apparently beating him would be great.

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