Puck Dumps 3/16/14

Today is selection Sunday, i.e. the day many of you select to watch more hockey.

The Top Line

The Penguins and Flyers are playing each other again for the second day in a row. NBC, Yahoo, NHL.com The Local Take #1 The Local Take #2



Boston 5, Carolina 1 – Carolina doesn't have enough to stop or even slow down the Bruins. 

Philadelphia 4, Pittsburgh 0 – Yesterday's game was pretty one sided.Also a matinee.

Montreal 5, Ottawa 4 (OT) – The Habs scored the game tying game with a second left. It was controversial. Ottawa is pissed.

Tampa Bay 3, New Jersey 0 – Ben Bishop with a solid shut out. The Devils are not in the playoffs at this point.

New York Islanders 4, Buffalo 1 – Seriously, the Islanders can win without good players. Who needs Vanek?

St. Louis 4, Nashville 1 – PAtrick Berglund scored twice for the Blues, which was more goals than the Predators team.

Columbus 2, Minnesota 1 (SO) – The Wild were ahead 2-0 in the shootout and lost, first team that can make that claim this year. ASAS.

Phoenix 3, Calgary 2 – This is a game that is referenced when the term "playing out the string" is defined.

Anaheim 2, Los Angeles 1 – Anaheim only gets up for big games, I guess.


Tweet of the Moment


“Hey, does anyone have a hashtag written on something? You? What about you? Johanssen you have something? Great, you’re a lifesaver” – How this Tweet went down, probablt.

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