Puck Dumps 3/14/14

It's warm out and there is hockey on, which is why spring is the best season.

The Top Line

No consensus again. Posting these things late is bad for business.



CArolina 4, Buffalo 2 – It's OK everyone, the Hurricanes are back.

Boston 2, Phoenix 1 – Zdeno Chara scored again. This has been your Yeti update.

San Jose 4, Columbus 3 (SO) – The Sharks went to Ohio and got a big wing. Sort of. ASAS.

Tampa Bay 5, Florida 4 – This was an exciting game in what is allegedly a big rivalry

St Louis 6, Edmonton 2 – BREAKING: The Blues are better than the Oilers.

Minnesota 2, New York Rangers 1 – It's like Mystery, Alaska, except in Minnesota!

Toronto 3, Los Angeles 2 – Toronto is laying waste to the western United States.


Tweet of the Moment


Is there a big market for Marcel Goc information?

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