Puck Dumps 3/13/14

Hey, did you know that basketball and hockey are different sports with different athletes? Please discuss below.

The Top Line

There was nothing of note from any of the major outlets. Still, here is what the throw away line at the top was in reference to: Just so you know, I'm on Bruce Arthur's side.



Boston 4, Montreal 1 – Zdeno Chara has 15 goals. Color me impressed.

Vancouver 3, Winnipeg 2 (SO) – And now everything in Vancouver is fixed. ASAS

Colorado 3, Chicago 2 – Just like everyone expected, Colorado is a clearly better team than the Blackhawks this season.

Calgary 7, Anaheim 2 – Seriously, I'm concerned about the Ducks. What even happened.


Tweet of the Moment


Dallas Eakins is the kind of guy I want to hang out with. Seems like he just brightens up a room.

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