Puck Dumps 3/12/14

The fact that there is a blizzard in Buffalo after a brief glimmer of hope is an accurate reflection of the Sabres and the city as a hole.

The Top Line

The Vancouver Canucks are bad and getting worse! Sports Illustrated, TSN, CBC, The Local Take 



Nashville 4, Buffalo 1 – The Sabres are finally losing like everyone thought they would.

New Jersey 2, Philadelphia 1 – It speaks to the talent of the NHL that Jaromir Jagr has 21 goals this season.

Carolina 3, New York Rangers 1 – There is no way the Hurricanes could be .500, is there?

Columbus 4, Detroit 1 – People actually thought that the Red Wings would be the better team moving to the Eastern Conference. Not so fast!

Phoenix 3, Florida 1 – Roberto Luongo is apparently not the solution the Panthers needed.

Pittsburgh 2, Washington 0 – Once and for all, we know Alex Ovechkin is terrible.

Dallas 3, Saint Louis 2 (OT) – The Stars played strong a night after Rich Peverley's frightening collapse.

Edmonton 4, Minnesota 3 (SO) – The Wild had a 3-0 lead at one point in this game, if you were wondering when the traditional Minnesota late season would arrive.

San Jose 6, Toronto 2 – A day after the Leafs knocked off the Ducks, they were completely lost in San Jose. 


Tweet of the Moment


If you are too busy taking selfies at the Bruins-Habs game tonight, I most sincerely hope that your phone gets stolen.

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