Puck Dumps 3/10/14

Gary Thorne did the commentary for the Minnesota State High School tournament, because our state is relevant.

The Top Line

This is all about St. Louis being good. ESPN, NHL.com, The Local Take

And this is all about the GM meetings, mostly about scapping the shootout. They are stupid! Sports Illustrated, The Sporting News



New York Rangers 3, Detroit 0 – That was Henrik Lundqvist's 300th win That's pretty impressive, especially since he did it while playing for the Rangers.

Boston 5, Florida 2 – YOU SUCK LUONGO!

St. Louis 3, Minnesota 2 (SO) – TJ Oshie does it again. Amazing. ASAS

Chicago 2, Buffalo 1 – The Blackhawks did well to defeat the hottest team in the league.

Los Angeles 4, Edmonton 2 – I mean, the Kings DID have 20 more shots than the Oilers. 


Tweet of the Moment


Look at the Sharks, trying to work their way into the the Top Line.

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