Puck Dumps 2/7/14

The NHL roster freeze is at 2pm if you live in the Central Time Zone. Good luck figuring it our on the east coast!

The Top Line

Max Pacioretty was given 2 penalty shots and missed them both, but still managed to get a hat trick, ESPN, Yahoo, TSN, CBC, NHL.com, The Local Take



Calgary 4, New York Islanders 2 – If Thomas Vanek is getting traded, I think the Isles should get a goalie that can stop the freaking Flames.

Edmonton 2, New York Rangers 1 – Do you think the teams from Alberta plane-pooled to New York? I'm trying to get plane-pooled to be a thing.

Philadelphia 3, Colorado 1 – The Flyers hate the Olympics becasue they hate America.

Washington 4, Winnipeg 2 – Ovechkin scored his 40th goal of the season. He's pretty good.

Montreal 5, Vancouver 2 – I don't know what's strangest. Max Pacioretty getting 2 penalty shots in a period, missing both and still getting a hat trick, or a game between two Canadian teams getting so much coverage in America.

Ottawa 3, Buffalo 2 – The Sabres gave Ryan Miller the night off so he didn't get too burnt out before the Oympics.

Toronto 4, Tampa Bay 1 – We almost had a goalie fight. Stupid common sense.

Detroit 3, Florida 1 – Gustav Nyquist only has 14 goals, but his name always stays with me.

Minnesota 3, Nashville 2 (OT) – The Wild took out Team USA's GM with a puck to the face, then won the game on a goal by a Swiss national. Minnesota hates America too.

St. Louis 3, Boston 2 (OT) – You had to get to the central time zone before games got interesting, I guess. 

Los Angeles 2, Columbus 1 (OT) – Indeed, every game played west of the Mississippi went to over time yesterday.


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