Puck Dumps 2/5/14

The Olympics start soon. Puck Dumps will continue, but just on a wider page.

The Top Line

Lots of talk about the Rangers today, includng the Ryan Callahan trade rumors. ESPN, Yahoo!, NHL.com, The Local Take



Boston 3, Vancouver 1 – As it ever is.

Winnipeg 2, Carolina 1 – This is revenge for all those Thrashers years.

New York Rangers 5, Colorado 1 – This is all Ryan Callahan. Well, except for 3 goals, and the all of the Lundqvist saves.

Montreal 2, Calgary 0 – Hey, it's a game between two cities that have hosted the Olympics. How timely!

New York Islanders 1, Washington 0 – This is what you expect when you see a game betwixt these two teams, right?

Florida 4, Toronto 1 – You should follow some Toronto writers, or check in with the Canadian national media. They are apoplectic about this game.

Ottawa 5, St. Louis 4 (SO) – 8 goals, except none in those last 5 minutes. Happens way too often. ASAS.

Minnesota 2, Tampa Bay 1 – The Wild have had the same team every year for the last decade.

Dallas 3, Phoenix 1 – Whatever was broken in Dallas seems to have been repaired.


Tweet of the Moment


For those that don’t know, Mr. Hockey is the highest civilian award in the state of Minnesota.

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