Puck Dumps 2/4/14

I don't know what to say. Sometimes it takes a while to get a Dump out.

The Top Line

Let's talk about two teams. First, the Islanders, who will be losing Thomas Vanek, ESPN, NBC, The Local Take

And also, the Maple Leafs, who will simply be losing. Yahoo, CBC, The Local Take



Edmonton 3, Bufalo 2 – Ilya Bryzgalov had to make 42 saves. Edmonton's D is terrible.

Pittsburgh 2, Ottawa 1 (OT) – Craig Anderson put up a heroic effort for the Senators. To bad for him, the Sens offense isn't quite as dynamic as the Oilers.

Detroit 2, Vancouver 0 – Zetterberg is probably the best Henrik in the league. I wonder how good Daniel Zetterberg is at hockey.

Colorado 2, New Jersey 1 (OT) – And this concludes the low scoring portion of Monday evening.

Columbus 4, Anaheim 2 – Seriously, are the Ducks even trying at home any more?

Chicago 5, Los Angeles 3 – Rough night  for Los Angeles.

Philadelphia 5, San Jose 2 – Rough night for California.


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But what is “Price” in French?

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