Puck Dumps 2/27/14

Last night was the first scheduled night back from hockey. Are you ready for a return of the Dumps?

The Top Line

The Avalanche lost last night to the Kings, but it was an exciting, high scoring affair, NBC. Yahoo, Sporting News The Local Take #1, The Local Take #2



Buffalo 5, Boston 4 (OT) – The Sabres are now 2-0 since the Olympic break. Break up the Sabres! I's funny, because that's actually what is going to happen.

Detroit 2, Montreal 1 (OT) – The NHL sure came back exciting, didin't it?

Los Angeles 6, Colorado 4 – Anze Kopitar was the big star of the night. The nation of Slovenia says "hey, wtf?"

Vancouver 1, St. Louis 0 – The Canucks are about to implode as well. Will the Sedins be separated again?


Tweet of the Moment


But what do you get if you win?

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