Puck Dumps 2/2/14

Happy Groundhog's Day! 

The Top Line

There are two games today. Let's talk about both! First up, Jets and Canadiens, ESPN, TSN, CBC, The Local Take #1, The Local Take #2

And also, the Red Wings and Capitals are skating in a rematch. NBC, Yahoo! NHL.com The Local Take #1, The Local Take #2 



Boston 4, Edmonton 0 – It seems like the Bruins play exclsively western conference opponents.

Tampa Bay 2, Montreal 1 (OT) – Nate Thompson scored both goals for the Lightning. Nate Thompson.

Colorado 7, Buffalo 1 – Yeah this seems reasonable.

Phildaelphia 2, Los Angeles 0 – I think the real sign of an east coast bias is that people don't hate the Kings and Ducks as much as they hate the Flyers. There is a fairly large overlap in players that have played for both.

Toronto 6, Ottawa 3 – What province is Ottawa in? Ontario? How can they be the capital of the country when they aren't close to being the best in the province?

Columbus 4, Florida 1 – Neither of these teams are as bad as you imagine. Look it up.

St. Louis 4, Nashville 3 (SO) – The Blues are probably not going to make the playoffs. ASAS.

Phoenix 3, Pittsburgh 1 – I can't wait until the Arizona Coyotes come to be.

Calgary 4, Minnesota 3 (OT) – Heh, the Saddledome.

Dallas 2, Anaheim 0 – Winnipeg beat Anaheim at the Pond before it was cool.

San Jose 2, Chicago 1 (SO) – Both dynamic offenses cancelled each other out. ASAS.


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Chris Thorbur is in the penalty box as this is posting.

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