Puck Dumps 2/16/14

I wonder which hockey players would be the best bobsledders?

The Top Line

America and Phil Kessel roughed up Slovenia (which is not Slovakia) this morning, ESPN, NBC, Yahoo, Sports Illustrated, Fox, NHL.com



Slovenia 3, Slovakia 1 – I really misjudged Slovakia

USA 3, Russia 2 (SO) – Perhaps you heard something about this yesterday. TJ Oshie scored 4 in the shootout. But shootouts are still stupid.

Sweden 5, Latvia 3 – Latvia is good on ice. Have you seen them with the luge?

Switzerland 1, Czech Republic 0 – I wonder if you could get a decent team if you put Czechoslovakia back together.


Tweet of the Moment


Oh, sure Anaheim, make it all about you.

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