Puck Dumps 10/24/14

The month of February has finally arrived. No NHL for a most of it, which is fine if you live in Buffalo.

The Top Line

The Red Wings and Capitals had a flurry of late goals in their contest last night, ESPN, NBC, Sports Illustrated, The Local Take #1, The Local Take #2



New York Rangers 4, New York Islanders 1 – The Rangers can beat New York area teams pretty much anywhere.

Carolina 3, St. Louis 1 – You can't win the Stanley Cup until you can beat the Hurricanes. Sorry, St. Louis.

Detroit 4, Washington 3 (SO) – This was Mike Babcock's 400th win. What a dumb way to do it. ASAS.

Nashville 3, New Jersey 2 (OT)- Shea Weber scored twice, including the game winner in overtime.

Winnipeg 4, Vancouver 3 – Vancouver is quickly becoming old and crappy.


Tweet of the Moment


So that means Diane Ennis’ life is Bufalo Sabres hockey. She must be incredibly unhappy.

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