Puck Dumps 1/8/14

Making up for yesterday, here is a very early, almost TOO early Dump.

The Top Line

Yesterday was about the Canadian Olympic Roster, today, it's all about the snubs. NBC, Sporting News,  CBC



Carolina, Buffalo – Postponed by bad weather. Never to be replayed.

New York Islanders 5, Toronto 3 – America vs. Canada! Like a mini Olympics, that the US took gold in!

Philadelphia 3, New Jersey 2 (OT) – Brayden Schenn had a back alley appendectomy early in the game, and came back to score the game winner.

Nashville 3, San Jose 2 – It's been a while sine the Preds were in the win column. The Sharks are such givers.

Tampa Bay 4, Winnipeg 2 – Maybe Canada forgot about Marty St. Louis because everyone forgets about Tampa Bay. He took the battle to Canada last night.

Phoenix 6, Calgary 0 – By my count, this is America 3, Canada 0.

St. Louis 5, Edmonton 2 – 4 – 0

Pittsburgh 5, Vancouver 4 (SO) – That's a clean sweep! USA USA. (ASAS)

Anaheim 5, Boston 2 – The Ducks are undefeated in regulation at The Pond.

Minnesota 2, Los Angeles 1 (SO) – The Wild are trying this thing where they don't shoot, but somehow still win. I question the sustainability of this plan. ASAS


Tweet of the Moment


I will have Panera for lunch today, Temperatures will be warmer this weekend and one day, people will read Barry Melrose Rocks, the Ryan Henning version.

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