Puck Dumps 1/6/14

Hello, Minnesota area kids who are out of school. This is your daily reading assignment, Puck Dumps.

The Top Line

It boggles my mind that there are 9 different outlets, and none of them are covering the same thing.



Pittsburgh 6, Winnipeg 5 – The Penguins and Jets played a matinee. It was still -20 out at game time.Also, 11 goals in a game is bananas.

Carolina 2, Nashville 1 – I bet this was a really exciting game to be at. 

Anaheim 4, Vancouver 3 (OT) – Two of the best teams in the west of the last 10 years or so go to overtime. This probably actually was an exciting game.

San Jose 3, Chicago 2 (SO) – You could say the same about the previous game for this one, but it ended in a tie. IT ENDED IN A TIE. ASAS

Edmonton 5, Tampa Bay 3 – "I'm really surprised that the team from Florida was defeated by the Canadian hockey team" is a thing I could say unironically.


Tweet of the Moment


Oh my God, hold the camera steady.

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