Puck Dumps 1/4/13

Good morning, and welcome to a daily dump.

The Top Line

Ben Lovejoy had two goals as the Ducks did the impossible and defeated the Edmonton Oilers. TSN, CBC, NHL.com, The Local Take #1, The Local Take #2

Meanwhile, Bobby Ryan is getting apologies from the Olympic tem. Poor Bobby Ryan. Yahoo, Sports Illustrated, Sporting News.



Chicago 5, New Jersey 3 – Patrick Sharp with a hat trick giving him 25 goals on the season. That's good for second best in the league.

Pittsburgh 5, New York Rangers 2 – The Penguins are scoring a lot this season.

Tampa Bay 2, Calgary 0 – Remeber early this year when the Flames were scoring like, 4 goals a night?

Anaheim 5, Edmonton 2 – If you can't stop Ben Lovejoy, then by golly who CAN you stop?




First question: What did JM Liles ever do to you?

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