Puck Dumps 1/3/14

Last night, all games were played indoors — Where they BELONG

The Top Line

Bobby Ryan was left off the Olympic roster, and he is PISSED. NBC, Sports Illustrated



Boston 3, Nashville 2 (OT) – Brad Marchand ended this battle for the ages with his overtime winner.

New York Islanders 3, Chicago 2 (OT) – That's it. I'm calling it. Islanders in the playoffs.

Carolina 4, Washington 3 (OT) – Thanks to Jeff Skinner, and only Jeff Skinner, the Hurricanes topped the Caps in Washington.

Ottawa 4, Winnipeg 3 – The real surprise is that the game didn't go into overtime. Bobby Ryan was lackadaisical. 

St. Louis 5, Los Angeles 0 – Oh my. The Blues are actually going to have people thinking they can make a deep post season run before they fall apart this year.

Minnesota 4, Buffalo – And Mike Yeo lives to coach another day.

Montreal 6, Dallas 4 – Boy, this was a lot of goals.

Colorado 2, Philadelphia 1 – The way this season began, I'm surprised at how similar the Avs and Flyers records are.

Columbus 2, Phoenix 0 – All right.

San Jose 5, Edmonton 1 – Hey, I just realized Patrick Marleau is still a thing.


Tweet of the Moment


There is so much going on, I forgot about National Skating Month. Thank you, Nashville Predators!

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