Puck Dumps 1/29/14

I don't think Atlanta is a hockey town.

The Top Line

The interminable stadium series continues tonight, NBC, Fox, NHL.com



Boston 6, Florida 2 – Tim Thomas was too busy preparing for the State of the Union.

Toronto 3, Tampa Bay 2 – Nazem Kadri scored twice. I don't know what I'm supposed to feel about him. 

Philadelphia 5, Detroit 0 – These are not the Detroit Red Wings of your youth.

Ottawa 3, Columbus 2 – Stephane Da Costa scored his first 2 goals of the season. He is French. Not French Canadian. French.

Washington 5, Buffalo 4 (OT) – The Sabres are tough at home, or something.

Montreal 3, Carolina 0 – Price was right for Montreal. Has anyone ever thought of that?

St. Louis 3, New Jersey 0 – Steen watch: 27 goals.

Nashville 4, Winnipeg 3 – No snow in Winnipeg last night. Seems topical

Phoenix 3, Los Angeles 0 – Glendale was rocking last night. 

Calgary 5, Chicago 4 (OT) – I legitimately think the Flames are better than the Blackhawks.

Minnesota 4, Anaheim 2 – Minnesota hasn't won in Anaheim since the Carter administration.


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