Puck Dumps 1/24/14

We are mere moments from the weekend. You almost made it!

The Top Line

The Stars beat the Leafs last night, and took some jabs at Toronto in the process. Yahoo, Sporting News, CBC, The Local News #1, The Local News #2



Carolina 5, Buffalo 3 – When Carolina gets to experience bad weather, in supercharges them, because they feel like the Hurricanes must be the most dominant weather phenomenon. 

St. Louis 2, New York 1 – The Blues beat the Blue Shirts on a game winner from Kevin Shattenkirk.

Columbus 5, Philadelphia 2 – The Blue Jackets don't need Rick Nash OR Marian Gaborik!

Pittsburgh 6, New York Islanders 4 – I am just looking forward to the conference final between the Isles and Jackets, but Pittsburgh is trying to get in the way. I hate Pittsburgh.

Tampa Bay 4, Ottawa 3 (SO) – 10 games last night, and this one was the only one that needed extra time. ASAS.

Dallas 7, Toronto 1 – Dallas just embarrassed Toronto all the way around last night.

Minnesota 2, Chicago 1 – I tell you this much, you won't see many 7 goal performances in Minnesota Wild games.

Nashville 2, Vancouver 1 – All because Michael Del Zotto is now in the fold in Nashville.

Anaheim 2, Los Angeles 1 – Two hockey teams in California? Next you're going to tell me they play outside!

San Jose 1, Winnipeg 0 – The Sharks are 5th in the league in goals against. Goals scored, too, but on this night, goals against seemed more pertinent.


Tweet of the Moment


Apparently Olli Maatta led a leftist revolution in Finland before coming to America?

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