Puck Dumps 1/23/14

kevin Schultz paid Justin Bieber's bail.

The Top Line

The Olympics start in two weeks, and competitors are beginning to express their concern over the safety of the games. ESPN, Fox



Carolina 3, Philadelphia 2 – The Hurricanes have played in two weather delayed games this season. Great work on living up to their nickname.

Pittsburgh 5, Montreal 2 – I wonder what would happen if the Canadiens played the Panthers? You know, since Florida wrecked the Penguins a couple nights ago.

Detroit 5, Chicago 4 (SO) – A shootout? Chris Chelios is rolling over in his grave. ASAS

Calgary 3, Phoenix 2 – Matt Stajan got an extension, and now everyone is playing for a contract.


Tweet of the Moment


And Boston has no American Olympians to provide reconassaince!

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