Puck Dumps 1/21/14

The best part of adulthood is all the peanut butter & jelly sandwiches you want.

The Top Line

All right, I guess we're going to talk about Calgary-Vancouver. My opinion? We'll all forget about it in a week, the non-hockey fans of the world will not. ESPN, Yahoo!, Sports Illustrated, CBC, The Local Take #1, The Local Take #2



New York Islanders 4, Philadelphia 3 (SO) – Good thing this game was played so early, because people needed to get a good night's sleep before the storm. ASAS.

Boston 3, Los Angeles 2 – Brad Marchand is otherworldly right now.

Florida 5, Pittsburgh 1 – When the scoring started with a shorty for the Panthers, you know something weird is about to happen.

St. Louis 4, Detroit 1 – Still feels like a rivalry to me.

Nashville 4, allas 1 – Not going so well in Dallas right now. They should try a line brawl.

Toronto 4, Phoenix 2 – So we're just going to pretend like it's OK that the Maple Leafs play games in Arizona?

San Jose 3, Calgary 2 – At least the Falmes' coach wasn't suspended, right Vacouver?


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Make your wagers accordingly.

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