Puck Dumps 1/19/14

Today is a day we can be thankful that it's a weekend and I couldn't post this until late in the day.

The Top Line

The Blackhawks defeated the Boston Bruins in a Stanley Cup rematch. Let's talk about that and only that. ESPN, NBC, Sports Illustrated, TSN The Local Take #1, The Local Take #2



New York Rangers 4, Ottawa 1 – Who is the best skater for the Rangers? I feel like I should know this.

San Jose 5, Tampa Bay 4 – Marty St. Louis scored 4 goals. Joe Pavelski scored 3 goals. St. Louis' theam lost.

Winnipeg 3. Edmonton 2 (OT) – This was probably the most interesting game played between 2 western Canadian teams, right?

Columbus 4, Buffalo 3 (SO) – You can not stop the Columbus Blue Jackets. You can only almost stop the Columbus Blue Jackets. ASAS

Toronto 5, Montreal 3 – And after the game, every member of the Toronto Maple Leafs was subect to trade rumors.

Detroit 3, Los Angeles 2 (SO) – I am envious of the V's in Slava Voynov's name. ASAS

Philadelphia 6, New York Islanders 4 – The Flyers doubled their score in the 3rd period. That ain't bad.

Carolina 3, Florida 2 – It's fun, because there are Hurricanes in Miami and Panthers in Carolina. Fun!

Anaheim 3, St. Louis 2 – Yeah, so the Ducks are pretty good. 

Colorado 5, Nashville 4 – The Preds tried. They really did. Not enough, though.

Phoenix 3, New Jersey 2 – Newark and Phoenix is about the same cross section of people. 

Minnesota 3, Dallas (OT) – Even I haven't heard of most of the guys that scored for the Wild last night.

Vancouver 3, Calgary 2 (SO) – Absolutely nothing to talk about in this one. Nothing at all. ASAS.


Tweet of the Moment


Stubbed toe.

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