Penguins want to blow things up

penguin dynamite

The word on the street is that the Penguins want to completely dismantle their team if they are unable to get past the Rangers in this series. Now, I can understand how a team might be apoplectic should they get knocked off by, well, any team from New York, but the Penguins should feel especially disappointed in their recent history. Let’s review this woeful organization.

– Haven’t won the Stanley Cup since 2009.

– Have only won the last two divisional titles.

– Only won this year’s Metropolitan Division by 13 points

– Sidney Crosby led the league in points scored, proving that he didn’t have a team to lean on.

As you can see, it’s bad in Pittsburgh. I fully endorse the not at all overdramatic reaction to not winning a second round series, and I would like to point out that they were much better with Matt Cooke on the roster, and should do whatever it takes to get him back. Whatever it takes.

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