Hey, Sporting News: Fix this

We pull info from the Sporting News every day. I like Sean Gentille's work, and I liked Jesse Spector before he went to baseball. Great. Sometimes when I am there, however, I want to check scores. I usually do this in the morning when I want to see the scores from last night. This is what you get when you click the "scores" tab:

Great, today's scores. Makes sense! Note that Buffalo, Toronto, Washington and Pittsburgh are all underlined. They are all hyperlinked. Great, you can find out what's going on with those teams. Now, I want to see what happened last night. 

How? Most sites have something that says "previous day" or something. Nothing here. That's OK, it has a calendar at the top. You should just be able to click something and get the score from that date. It even says "select game date" above the calendar, but I didn't copy it into the image. My bad.

My copy/paste skills are not the issue. The issue is that all of the dates are grayed out. Every single one of them. You can't click a date to check the score. Because they offer no other option, you can't see a game score from any other day but today, and if you check the scores in the morning, well, then you can't check a score ever. You just always get a schedule. 

In short, if you want news from The Sporting News, you can not get it. Fix it, The Sporting News. You are embarrassing yourself.

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